International Conference on Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies

  • Photo of Sanat Bhat

    Sanat Bhat

    Blockchain SME at IBM , Thailand My first venture was inspired by the idea of making medicines affordable and accessible…

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  • Photo of Pretty Kubyane

    Pretty Kubyane

    Co-Founder & COO,South Africa My management consulting focus across nearly a decade ushered me into an industry disruption through the…

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  • Photo of Martin Pulpan

    Martin Pulpan

    Project Consultant,Czech Republic Born in the Czech Republic, I set off for Australia in my teens and fell in love…

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  • Photo of Ibrahim Inusa

    Ibrahim Inusa

    Blockchain developer, India Born on 15/06/1995 in borno state Nigeria named ibrahim i went to moddibo adam university of technology…

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  • Photo of Abhishek Bhattacharya

    Abhishek Bhattacharya

    Co-founder of Whrrl, India Abhishek is a Co-founder at Whrrl and was a Product Owner for’s service product. A…

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  • Photo of Slava Demchuk

    Slava Demchuk

    CEO of, Ukraine I am an entrepreneur with a technical background. Me and my team have been building crypto…

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  • Photo of Raneem Rashid

    Raneem Rashid

    Blockchain Consultant at Smart Chain, Saudi Arabia Raneem is an emerging technology enthusiast working as a Blockchain Consultant at Smart Chain based…

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  • Photo of Marina Muchakova

    Marina Muchakova

    Managing partner and Legal advisor at Vesta Consult, Bulgaria My name is Marina Muchakova. I am a managing partner and…

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  • Photo of Rosine Kadamani

    Rosine Kadamani

    CEO of Blockchain Academy, Brazil Co-founder of the Blockchain Academy, the first Brazilian educational project focused on the development and…

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  • Photo of Bedrettin Gürcan

    Bedrettin Gürcan

    Partner / PHD Candidate at University of Szeged /Gurcan Partners, Hungary Bedrettin Gürcan is founding partner of Gurcan Partners, which…

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  • Photo of Lavinia Osbourne

    Lavinia Osbourne

    Host & Founder of Women in Blockhain Talks, United Kingdom Lavinia Osbourne is the founder and host of the award-winning…

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  • Photo of Marco Crotta

    Marco Crotta

    Blockchain expert at Food Chain, Italy Starts learning BASIC ad 12 by himself on a C=64, ends up with a…

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  • Photo of Sukesh Tedla

    Sukesh Tedla

    CEO & Founder of Unbaised, Sweden A young entrepreneur challenging the implications of technology on the societies at large. In…

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  • Photo of Ferran Fajula

    Ferran Fajula

    Chief Product Officer at BitKings, Andorra I have been a crypto trader since 2017 and gone to live in Andorra…

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  • Photo of Olaf Ransome

    Olaf Ransome

    Director of 3C Advisory LLC, Switzerland The Bankers’ Plumber. I help banks and FinTechs master their processing; optimising control, capacity…

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  • Photo of Anu Singh

    Anu Singh

    Blockchain Supply Chain Leader at IBM, India Anu is a Supply Chain expert with global experience leading significant cost reduction…

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  • Photo of Ramy AlDamati

    Ramy AlDamati

    Founder & CTO of TrustyCrypto, United Arab Emirates “Founder | CTO | Influencer | Leader | Executive | CyberSecurity, Blockchain,…

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  • Photo of Andrew Rippon

    Andrew Rippon

    Founder of Thrupny, United Arab Emirates Andrew Rippon is a 20 year veteran of digital transformation and the founder, principal…

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  • Photo of Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri

    Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri

    CEO at CoinNewsExtra, Nigeria Lee is a university graduate with lots of experience in Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Agriculture and entrepreneurship. Currently…

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  • Photo of Francisco Guillén

    Francisco Guillén

    CEO at BlockTac, Spain Francisco Guillén: PhD in Medicine (Univ. Navarra), Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Master…

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