International Conference on Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Biological Systems in the Digital Age

  • Photo of Nimrod Israely, PhD

    Nimrod Israely, PhD

    CEO of Biofeed, Israel My goal and passion are to improve farmers’ livelihood through increased production, free of bio and…

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  • Photo of Gabriel do Nascimento

    Gabriel do Nascimento

    CEO of NONG Precision Agriculture, Brazil My name is Gabriel do Nascimento. At the end of 2015, I was approved…

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  • Photo of Clémentine Calvier

    Clémentine Calvier

    Environmental and Social Compliance Consultant at Continental Clothing Company UK, France I am an ambitious graduate student from ESSEC. I…

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  • Photo of Dr. Matthew Zhao

    Dr. Matthew Zhao

    Food Scientist at Big Idea Ventures, Singapore Dr. Matthew Zhao is the Food Scientist at Big Idea Ventures, Asia. His…

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  • Photo of David Shepherd

    David Shepherd

    Director of Activ8water, Australia Session: Most innovative water enhancement water technology for agriculture and livestock industry New and Innovative water technology…

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  • Photo of Tatsuhisa Nishijima

    Tatsuhisa Nishijima

    Chairman of the Board at Liquid Technologies International, Inc., Japan Tatsuhisa is an experienced international businessman. He is a graduate…

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  • Photo of Uldis Krauze

    Uldis Krauze

    Professional for robotic dairy farms at LINIVERSS Uldis Krauze, Latvia I have acquired my education at Riga Technical College and…

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  • Photo of Dr Dinesh Chauhan

    Dr Dinesh Chauhan

    Director of Indigram Group, India Dr Dinesh Chauhan is Director of Indigram Group. It comprises of Indigram Labs Foundation ILF…

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  • Photo of Krishna Srinivasan

    Krishna Srinivasan

    CEO of Ansio, India   Session: Digitisation of Agriculture value chain and precision farming Core objective of AgriTech intervention should be…

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  • Photo of Weiyu Li

    Weiyu Li

    Account director at VCearth, China Li Weiyu, Vcearth Customer Director. With seven years of education background in journalism and media,…

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  • Photo of Ramin Ebrahimnejad

    Ramin Ebrahimnejad

    Vice Chair of the Board of Association for Vertical Farming, Denmark Agricultural Engineer with knowledge of agroecology, circular economy, environmental…

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  • Photo of Harshit Kumar Lohani

    Harshit Kumar Lohani

    IoT Data Scientist at Corteva Agriscience, India Harshit Kumar Lohani currently works as an IoT Data Scientist in Corteva Agriscience.…

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  • Photo of Surajit Sinha

    Surajit Sinha

    Vice President-AgriTech at Ansio, India Mr. Surajit Sinha is an agriculture graduate and marketing professional who has more than 16…

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  • Photo of Xiwen Qing

    Xiwen Qing

    Partner & COO at VCearth, China I am a Future AgriFood Tech enthusiast. I spend most of my time with…

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  • Photo of Priya Guliani

    Priya Guliani

    Head of Operations at Government Blockchain Association, United Kingdom Priya is a technology entrepreneur and heads Operations in the UK…

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  • Photo of Harrij Schmeitz

    Harrij Schmeitz

    Owner & Chief Dream Officer at Technology{}Pull, Netherlands Harrij is Owner & Chief Dream Officer at Technology{}Pull. A company founded…

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  • Photo of Dr. Shivangi Arvind

    Dr. Shivangi Arvind

    Chief Science Officer at AgEye Technologies, India Dr. Shivangi Arvind is an experienced horticulturist, competent young scientist and industry leading…

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  • Photo of Balbir Singh

    Balbir Singh

    Head of Agronomy at Indorama Fertilizers, Nigeria Dr. Balbir Singh, PhD Agronomy from Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University,…

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