International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Artificial intelligence Systems

  • Photo of Ivan Lozano

    Ivan Lozano

    Robotics Engineer and Co-founder of Vicarious, Talentum, Ai Lab School, USA Ivan Lozano is the founder and director of the…

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  • Photo of Carlo Boldrini Parravicini Persia

    Carlo Boldrini Parravicini Persia

    Systems Engineer at SAS, Italy With regard to the master’s degree obtained, I am particularly interested in decision-making statistics applied…

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  • Photo of Peter Roessger, Dr.-Ing.

    Peter Roessger, Dr.-Ing.

    Founder & CEO of beyond HMI//////, Germany Peter Rössger is a professional keynote speaker in the area of technology, society,…

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  • Photo of Dr. Ansgar Koene

    Dr. Ansgar Koene

    Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader at EY (Ernst & Young), United Kingdom Dr. Ansgar Koene is Global AI Ethics…

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  • Photo of Sarunas Simaitis

    Sarunas Simaitis

    Partner at, Lithuania Sarunas Simaitis started his career as a market research analyst and transitioned to artificial intelligence engineer…

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  • Photo of Jean Marc Bejjani

    Jean Marc Bejjani

    Robotics and AI Engineer, Switzerland I am a Robotics and AI engineer with various experiences both in academia, tech companies…

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  • Photo of Can Konur, MsC

    Can Konur, MsC

    Expert Business Consultant at KocDigital, Turkey   Session: International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Artificial Intelligent Systems Creating value with…

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  • Photo of Ozgur Akarsu, PhD

    Ozgur Akarsu, PhD

    Head of AI & Data Analytics at KocDigital, Turkey Ozgur Akarsu is the head of AI & Data Analytics. He…

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  • Photo of Hans van Dam

    Hans van Dam

    CEO at Conversational Academy, Netherlands Hans van Dam is co-founder and Dean of the Conversational Academy, world’s leading training and…

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  • Photo of Lut Guy-Fiacre Badje

    Lut Guy-Fiacre Badje

    Future Phd Candidate at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Centre d’études sur l’intégration et la mondialisation de l’UQAM (CEIM),…

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  • Photo of Dr. Burkhard von Spreckelsen

    Dr. Burkhard von Spreckelsen

    Advisor, ArtificiaI Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT, Robotics and Automation Enthusiast, Germany Dr. Burkhard von Spreckelsen has more than 20 years…

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  • Photo of Mathew Joseph

    Mathew Joseph

    Vice President at Apar Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India Mathew Joseph is the Vice President of Apar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He…

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  • Photo of Mukhamejan Duzenov

    Mukhamejan Duzenov

    Co-Founder at Seiko Labs, Kazakhstan – more than 6 years in technology consulting, ex-PwC Digital Advisory manager. Provided professional services…

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  • Photo of Daniel Hulme

    Daniel Hulme

    CEO at Satalia, UK Daniel Hulme (PhD) is a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies, and is…

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  • Photo of Nida Zohra

    Nida Zohra

    Aerospace Engineer at QAS Arabia Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia Nida Zohra is an aerospace engineer with experience in design engineering…

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  • Photo of Iravan Hira

    Iravan Hira

    Managing Director at HPE Bulgaria Iravan Hira is the Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Bulgaria operated by Selectium. His…

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  • Photo of Kartik Sharma

    Kartik Sharma

    CEO at AgnitioBot AI, India Kartik Sharma has been a technology evangelist having experience of building disruptive technology products and…

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