International Digital Healthtech, Healthcare & Pharmacy Conference

  • Photo of Sergey Jakimov

    Sergey Jakimov

    CEO at Longenesis Ltd., Latvia Sergey Jakimov is a founder and advisor to multiple growth-stage startups in Europe and Asia.…

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  • Photo of Falko Schmidt

    Falko Schmidt

    Researcher at University of Gothenburg, Sweden Falko Schmidt is a soon-to-graduate PhD student at the Department of Physics, University of…

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  • Photo of Jelena Milentijević

    Jelena Milentijević

    CEO & Founder of Digital Plus, Serbia Jelena Milentijević is an expert in digital marketing, specialized in the field of…

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  • Photo of Siddhartha Dash

    Siddhartha Dash

    VP – Growth & Innovation at DailyRounds, India I am empowering Healthcare professionals to learn anytime, anywhere & practice evidence-based…

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  • Photo of Marta Denkiewicz

    Marta Denkiewicz

    UX Consultant at Panacea Digital, United Kingdom Marta Denkiewicz is a UX design consultant and researcher specialising in digital health…

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  • Photo of Marco R. Majer

    Marco R. Majer

    Strategy & Ecosystems at Digital Hub Initiative Germany – 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health, Germany Marco R. Majer is…

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  • Photo of Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies

    Digital Health Lead at ABHI, United Kingdom Andrew is responsible for working with partners to ensure that the UK maximises…

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  • Photo of Syed Umair Maroof

    Syed Umair Maroof

    Director Business Unit at GETZ PHARMA, Pakistan A Pharmaceutical Business Professional with the expertise of “Portfolio alignment, Product Launches, Pharma…

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  • Photo of Meysam Asgari-Chenaghlu

    Meysam Asgari-Chenaghlu

    AI Manager/AI Team Leader at Carbon Consulting, Turkey He is currently AI Manager/AI Team Leader at Carbon Consulting, Turkey. His…

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  • Photo of David Kwo

    David Kwo

    EPR Consultant and Researcher at PeopleSource, United Kingdom ver 35 years’ experience in the UK healthcare IT sector with deep…

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  • Photo of David Gordon

    David Gordon

    Head of Investments at Longliv Ventures, Israel David Gordon is a Digital Health pioneer and a tech veteran. He has…

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  • Photo of Zachary Poll

    Zachary Poll

    Head of US Healthcare Partnerships at Plug & Play, LLC, USA Zachary Poll leads US Healthcare Partnerships for Plug and…

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  • Photo of Ibrahim Bölükbas

    Ibrahim Bölükbas

    Co-Founder at Nutrina, Switzerland Ibrahim is a licensed medical doctor (Harvard Medical School, University of Zurich, Bochum) at UniversitätsSpital Zurich/Switzerland.…

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  • Photo of Dr. Ismail Sayeed

    Dr. Ismail Sayeed

    Founder, CEO at ViOS, Inc, Bangladesh Dr. Ismail is a physician entrepreneur and founder of a healthtech startup based in…

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  • Photo of Sana Bouyahia

    Sana Bouyahia

    Partnership manager at Digital Pharma Lab, France Graduated with a Master in Chemistry and in Technical Sales Engineer, I have…

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  • Photo of Nuoya Chen

    Nuoya Chen

    Marie Curie Fellow at HEART-ITN Project, Netherlands Nuoya Chen is currently working as the Marie Curie Fellow for the Health…

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  • Photo of Khalid Ghaloua Adine

    Khalid Ghaloua Adine

    Head of Digital Health Industry at Etisalat, United Arab Emirates Khalid is a Digital Healthcare Transformation leader, with strong and…

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