Digital HRM Conference

  • Photo of Ranjit Khompi

    Ranjit Khompi

    Head – Learning & Development at Reliance Retail Ltd., India Ranjit Khompi is an award-winning business professional with 24 years’…

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  • Photo of Todor Terziev

    Todor Terziev

    CEO of NSR.BG, Bulgaria For more than 9 years I’ve specialized in human resources and more exactly in HR development,…

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  • Photo of Dr. Shradha Kanwar

    Dr. Shradha Kanwar

    Chief Learning Officer of iNurture Education Solutions, India Dr Shradha Kanwar MPhil, Ph.D. is an academic professional with over 23…

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  • Photo of Liliana Paduraru

    Liliana Paduraru

    Coach at Light Coaching, Romania I am Liliana Paduraru, Coach & HR Trainer. For the moment I am running my…

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  • Photo of Saba Merchant

    Saba Merchant

    Co-Founder of Personifwy, India Based in San Francisco, Saba is a dynamic thought leader with 18 years of experience in…

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  • Photo of Marcela Thurler Lessa

    Marcela Thurler Lessa

    Program Director of Yunus & Youth, Brazil Brazilian based in São Paulo, Marcela Thurler Lessa is the Program Director at…

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  • Photo of Neha Mathur

    Neha Mathur

    Founder of Personifwy, India An agile and futuristic thought leader, Neha Mathur, has over 17 years of experience in Operations…

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  • Photo of Aftab Ara

    Aftab Ara

    Educational Professional,Author and Researcher at College of Excellence, Saudi Arabia Dr. Aftab Ara- An aspiring Educationalist who loves research and…

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  • Photo of Ketaki Mistry

    Ketaki Mistry

    Founder and Strategic Designer of The Image Consulting Studio, India Ms. Ketaki Mistry An Internationally Certified Image Consultant, USA, SQA…

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  • Photo of Loredana Vladareanu

    Loredana Vladareanu

    Power Coach, Senior HR Consultant and Master Trainer at  Dynamic Learning srl, Romania I have over 17 years of experience…

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  • Photo of Anna Komleva

    Anna Komleva

    Head of marketing department at CIEL, Russian Federation Anna Komleva, Business Consultant and Marketing Director at CIEL, Russia. In her…

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  • Photo of Sue Ellson

    Sue Ellson

    Founder and Director of 120 Ways Publishing, Australia Sue Ellson is an Independent LinkedIn Specialist and Career Development Practitioner providing…

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  • Photo of Natalya Garshina

    Natalya Garshina

    Rusconsult, Russian Federation Natalya Garshina is the Consultant on Organizational Development and the HR director at Rusconsult company, Russia. Natalia…

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  • Photo of Ali Khursheed Ahmad, PhD

    Ali Khursheed Ahmad, PhD

    Head of Performance, Training & Talent at FHG Business Group, Saudi Arabia I’m an experienced Human Resource Leader passionate about…

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  • Photo of Eva Dvořáková

    Eva Dvořáková

    I/O psychologist at ITO United Change CZ, s.r.o., Czechia I’m an I/O psychologist. For more than eight years, I help…

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  • Photo of Ana Caragea

    Ana Caragea

    Leadership Coach at Strategic Discovery, United Arab Emirates Ana Caragea is a leadership coach, helping introverts become confident in their…

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  • Photo of Dejan Madjoski, MSc in HRM

    Dejan Madjoski, MSc in HRM

    Organizational Development & Talent Development Manager at Pivara Skopje (Coca-Cola HBC & Heineken JV), North Macedonia Dejan is an experienced…

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  • Photo of Gissela Laredo García

    Gissela Laredo García

    Human Talent Manager at Faro Perú, Peru I am a professional in the field of Human Talent for about 7…

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  • Photo of Yanislava Hristova

    Yanislava Hristova

    Founder and CEO of Remote IT World, Bulgaria I’m Yanislava Hristova, a seasonal HR and Organizational Development Professional with over…

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  • Photo of Khalid Saleh

    Khalid Saleh

    Cofounder/ HR Consultant at Rawaj for Human Capital Management Solutions, Egypt Khalid is one of the co-founder of leading human…

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