International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

  • Photo of Milena Ramcheva

    Milena Ramcheva

    Executive Director of METRICA, Bulgaria Milena Ramcheva has been working in the field of direct marketing for more than 13…

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  • Photo of Nevi Koeva

    Nevi Koeva

    CEO of Semira Ltd.,Bulgaria Nevi Koeva is Email Marketing Specialist with 12 years of experience – Founder of the email…

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  • Photo of Zhecho Dobrev

    Zhecho Dobrev

    Principal Consultant at BeyondPhilosophy LLC. Zhecho Dobrev (Bulgaria) is a Principal Consultant at Beyond Philosophy LLC., one of the first…

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  • Photo of Manendra Singh

    Manendra Singh

    Entrepreneur E-commerce, India I am an 18 year’s old boy and I have been doing e-commerce from last 1 year…

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  • Photo of Bhavya Kher

    Bhavya Kher

    Head of Digital Marketing & Training at IDMI, India Digital Marketer | Trainer | LinkedIn Enthusiasts| Entrepreneur | Growth Hacker…

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  • Photo of Tom Griffiths

    Tom Griffiths

    Director of Business Development at talkAItive, United Kingdom Tom is an experienced startup developer with experience in growing AI and…

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  • Photo of Petar Dyaksov

    Petar Dyaksov

    Managing partner and marketing director of Tendrik Europe, Bulgaria My name is Petar Dyaksov. Currently, I am managing partner and…

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  • Photo of Hristo Radichev

    Hristo Radichev

    Country Manager of Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria Ltd., Bulgaria Hristo Radichev has degrees in Sociology and International Relations from Sofia…

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  • Photo of Jurgis Gylys

    Jurgis Gylys

    Head of Business Digitalization at NFQ Technologies, Lithuania Jurgis Gylys is a consultant for business digitalization and business processes optimization…

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  • Photo of Branden Moskwa

    Branden Moskwa

    Founder & CEO of, Canada Recognized as “One of the Industry’s Brightest Minds” and “Top Players” by IBM and…

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  • Photo of Maria Yordanova

    Maria Yordanova

    Cybersecurity Assessment Consultant at SoCyber, Bulgaria Maria is a Cybersecurity Assessment consultant for SoCyber. The company specialises in Penetration Testing…

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  • Photo of Sergi Sergiev

    Sergi Sergiev

    CEO of ShopUp, Bulgaria 10 years of experience in data science, machine learning, and data mining, especially in the IoT,…

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  • Photo of Guy Courtin

    Guy Courtin

    Global Head of Alliances at 6 River Systems, USA Currently Guy oversees the global partner and alliance program for 6…

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  • Photo of Ines Rivera

    Ines Rivera

    Product & Field Marketing Manager at Nuance, United Kingdom Ines Rivera is a commercially-oriented marketing, strategic and growth senior professional…

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  • Photo of Adetunji Adelakun

    Adetunji Adelakun

    CEO at Scantranx Technologies Inc., Canada Adetunji is the CEO of Scantranx Technologies Inc. and a seasoned Software Engineer with…

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  • Photo of Simone De Ruosi

    Simone De Ruosi

    General Manager at ZeroGrey, Italy General Manager at Zerogrey, an eCommerce agency with 20 years in the market and one…

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  • Photo of Tahise Soares

    Tahise Soares

    Head of eCommerce at Loreal, Brazil   Session: Best practices for a high performance online execution A perfect online execution…

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  • Photo of Sergey Shvets

    Sergey Shvets

    Founder & CEO at Gepard, Ukraine IT entrepreneur with a deep technical background. Founder & CEO at Gepard, the product…

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  • Photo of Meital Baranes

    Meital Baranes

    Social Media Marketing & E-Commerce Expert at Meital Baranes LTD, Israel Meital Baranes, 30 years old, is a digital media…

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  • Photo of Margo Sakova

    Margo Sakova

    Marketing Manager at Gepard, Ukraine Digital marketing professional with 7 years of experience. Marketing Manager at Gepard, the product information…

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