European Digtal Week

  • Photo of Teddy Jones

    Teddy Jones

    eCommerce Extreme Specialist at Jungheinrich AG, Singapore I am Teddy from Singapore. You can tap on my 14 years of…

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  • Photo of Milena Ramcheva

    Milena Ramcheva

    Executive Director of METRICA, Bulgaria Milena Ramcheva has been working in the field of direct marketing for more than 13…

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  • Photo of Nir Netzer

    Nir Netzer

    Chairman of the Israeli FinTech Association, Founding Partner of Equitech Group, Israel A FinTech Innovation Strategist, FinTech Transformation Advisor and…

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  • Photo of Vladimir Snezhik

    Vladimir Snezhik

    Fitness expert, PortDeBras international, Russian Federation Formerly a professional dancer. He graduated from the State Academy of Culture with a…

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  • Photo of Ivo Iliev

    Ivo Iliev

    Marketing consultant, CEO of Brandformance LTD., Bulgaria Ivo Iliev is a specialist in the field of digital marketing and communications…

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  • Photo of Tiziana Clara Luisi

    Tiziana Clara Luisi

    Teacher at school, Italy I am Professor Tiziana Clara Luisi. I teach modern letters in a middle school. I am a…

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  • Photo of Nevi Koeva

    Nevi Koeva

    CEO of Semira Ltd.,Bulgaria Nevi Koeva is Email Marketing Specialist with 12 years of experience – Founder of the email…

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  • Photo of Zhecho Dobrev

    Zhecho Dobrev

    Principal Consultant at BeyondPhilosophy LLC. Zhecho Dobrev (Bulgaria) is a Principal Consultant at Beyond Philosophy LLC., one of the first…

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  • Photo of Harshita Jujjuru

    Harshita Jujjuru

    Harshita Jujjuru, Singapore   Session: My Secret Weapon to resolve ecommerce fraud   Additional information and programme of The Digital…

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  • Photo of Dr. Shradha Kanwar

    Dr. Shradha Kanwar

    Chief Learning Officer of iNurture Education Solutions, India Dr Shradha Kanwar MPhil, Ph.D. is an academic professional with over 23…

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  • Photo of Robin Huizing

    Robin Huizing

    Founder of Addmio, Netherlands I am the founder of Addmio and worked as a designer and engineer in some of…

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  • Photo of Colette Elting

    Colette Elting

    Online Marketing Expert & CEO of Comma! Online Marketing, Netherlands Colette Elting is an expert Online Marketeer. Her ability as…

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  • Photo of Ilana Golan

    Ilana Golan

    CEO of Golan Ventures Inc.,USA Ilana Golan is a well-known growth strategist in Silicon Valley helping individuals, and companies see…

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  • Photo of Nisar Ahamed

    Nisar Ahamed

    Technical Consultant-GIS at CURIP, India Speaker Profile: Dr. T R Nisar Ahamed Currently he is Technical Consultant for GIS projects…

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  • Photo of Liliana Paduraru

    Liliana Paduraru

    Coach at Light Coaching, Romania I am Liliana Paduraru, Coach & HR Trainer. For the moment I am running my…

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  • Photo of Shraddha Yeolekar

    Shraddha Yeolekar

    Co-Founder of Spider Content Inc., Canada   Session: How Social Media Marketing Can Impact Sales? Social channels have become sales channels…

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  • Photo of Smeet Yeolekar

    Smeet Yeolekar

    Co-Founder of Spider Content Inc., Canada With over 12 years of sales experience in Leadership roles like GM and Country…

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  • Photo of Gokul Srinivasan

    Gokul Srinivasan

    Technical Director of Robots Expert Finland Ltd., Finland Gokul Srinivasan (male) M.Sc. Gokul has an educational background in robotics (unmanned…

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  • Photo of Makrand Bhoot

    Makrand Bhoot

    Director of P-A-T-H Professional Alliance for Technology and Habitat, USA CoViD Command, Smart Cities, Green Building LEED YOGa SDGs ESG…

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  • Photo of Pooja Gurung

    Pooja Gurung

    Communications Specialist at Grow, Nepal Slaying the writing and editing industry since I was a kid! Helping businesses make their…

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