Smart Industry & Digital Factory Conference

  • Photo of Sudha Jamthe

    Sudha Jamthe

    CEO of IoTDisruptions, USA Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of and a globally recognized Technology Futurist with a 20…

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  • Photo of Kanishk Gaur

    Kanishk Gaur

    Founder & Director of Cyber Awareness & Research Foundation, India Kanishk is a Management Consultant, Social Entrepreneur specializing in areas…

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  • Photo of James Serra

    James Serra

    Data & AI architect at Microsoft, USA James Serra is a big data and data warehousing solution architect at Microsoft.…

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  • Photo of Salvador Marín Montero

    Salvador Marín Montero

    Consultant, technological influencer at Salvador Marín, Spain Salvador Marín i Montero. Technological influencer and Industry 4.0 evangelist. Studies: Mechanical engineering degree…

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  • Photo of Thomas Schulz

    Thomas Schulz

    Channel Manager Central and Eastern Europe at GE Digital, Germany Thomas Schulz studied mechanical engineering at the Budapest University of…

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  • Photo of Alex Bolinelli

    Alex Bolinelli

    Head of Lean and Smart Factory at Hilti Ag, Switzerland I graduated in Production Engineering (UFMG/ Brazil) with a Master…

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  • Photo of Sam Sur

    Sam Sur

    Founder at CodeData, USA — Founder & Chief Architect, Digital Transformation Leader in manufacturing supply chain @CodeData — 28 years…

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  • Photo of JR Reagan

    JR Reagan

    CEO/President at IdeaXplorer Global, Republic of Korea Professor, Startup Advisor, TEDxSpeaker, WSJ & Forbes Contributor. Dr. Reagan is the former…

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  • Photo of James Lai

    James Lai

    Chairman at MiyoTA, Malaysia With 20 years of experience in Test & Measurement, software development / simulation / design tools,…

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  • Photo of Prashant Khairnar

    Prashant Khairnar

    CEO & Co-Founder at iConsulto Tech Private Limited, India   Session: Quick introduction of Industrial revolutions. Driver for industry 4.0.…

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  • Photo of Gurkan Huryilmaz

    Gurkan Huryilmaz

    President at TUSMOD Procurement and Supply Management Association,Turkey   Session: Digitalization of Procurement and Supply Management in the Automotive Industry…

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  • Photo of Antonio Ferreira

    Antonio Ferreira

    CEO at TechHQ, Portugal Globally recognized automotive technology and supply chain expert, futurist, entrepreneur and startup enthusiast. I am regularly…

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  • Photo of Markus Pfefferer

    Markus Pfefferer

    Managing Partner at Tibil Solutions, India Mr. Pfefferer has particular expertise in global strategic planning throughout several industries including technology,…

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  • Photo of Aviv Frenkel

    Aviv Frenkel

    Co-Founder, CEO at Enroute, Israel More than 20 years of experience in Israeli national media, Aviv is now the Co-Founder,…

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  • Photo of Elson Sutanto

    Elson Sutanto

    Principal Analyst at Juniper Research, United Kingdom Elson is currently a Principal Analyst with Juniper Research, a leading provider of…

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  • Photo of Elpida Bantra

    Elpida Bantra

    IoT Consultant at CANCOM, Austria Elpida has experience as an IoT consultant, software engineer, and data scientist. Her math background…

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