Video and Social Media Marketing Conference

  • Photo of Ntando Lurwengu

    Ntando Lurwengu

    Managing Director and founder of Maxime Flagranti Media, South Africa My name is Ntando Lurwengu from Durban, South Africa, currently…

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  • Photo of Liubomira Liubenova

    Liubomira Liubenova

    Founder&CEO of Media Start (Video marketing agency), Bulgaria Liubomira Liubenova is video marketing strategist. She is a trainer, speaker and…

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  • Photo of Vladimir Snezhik

    Vladimir Snezhik

    Fitness expert, PortDeBras international, Russian Federation Formerly a professional dancer. He graduated from the State Academy of Culture with a…

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  • Photo of Ivo Iliev

    Ivo Iliev

    Marketing consultant, CEO of Brandformance LTD., Bulgaria Ivo Iliev is a specialist in the field of digital marketing and communications…

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  • Photo of Colette Elting

    Colette Elting

    Online Marketing Expert & CEO of Comma! Online Marketing, Netherlands Colette Elting is an expert Online Marketeer. Her ability as…

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  • Photo of Shraddha Yeolekar

    Shraddha Yeolekar

    Co-Founder of Spider Content Inc., Canada   Session: How Social Media Marketing Can Impact Sales? Social channels have become sales channels…

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  • Photo of Smeet Yeolekar

    Smeet Yeolekar

    Co-Founder of Spider Content Inc., Canada With over 12 years of sales experience in Leadership roles like GM and Country…

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  • Photo of Pooja Chitnis

    Pooja Chitnis

    Director of Marketing & Customer Success at Driftscape, Canada A Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialist and Rocheston Distinguished Service Provider…

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  • Photo of Malay Upadhyay

    Malay Upadhyay

    Chief Customer Experience Officer at SalesChoice, Canada Malay A. Upadhyay is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at SalesChoice. He has…

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  • Photo of Anilkumar Krishnan

    Anilkumar Krishnan

    CEO of Mypromovideos, India CEO and Co-Founder at mypromovideos. We help brands to tell their story through animation videos. Session:…

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  • Photo of Rosa Elena Torres

    Rosa Elena Torres

    Digital Marketing Specialist at Matrox, Canada I am a Peruvian based in Canada with over 7 years of work experience.…

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  • Photo of Shashwat Kishan

    Shashwat Kishan

    Founder & CEO of My Digital Adda, India A Social Media Marketer turned Event Planner now a full fledged Digital…

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  • Photo of Ivan Quiñones

    Ivan Quiñones

    Digital Manager at TBWA, Peru Marketing and digital communication specialist, with more than 9 years of experience in strategic planning,…

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  • Photo of Maikol Piardi

    Maikol Piardi

    Instagram Coach, Germany I’m Maikol Piardi   Instagram Coach, Content Creator & Podcaster. I’m passionate about digital marketing, creativity and…

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  • Photo of Marc Binkley

    Marc Binkley

    Director of Digital & Strategy at Anstice, Canada Marc Binkley is the Director of Digital Strategy at Anstice. Marc and…

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  • Photo of Venci Lukanov

    Venci Lukanov

    XR Specialist at ImmerseFX JSC, Bulgaria Venci Lukanov is a serial start-up entrepreneur and founder with a passion for immersive…

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  • Photo of Anil Dhakane

    Anil Dhakane

    PR Manager, India My name is Anil Dhakane and I work as a PR Manager in Entertainment Sector. I have…

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  • Photo of Julius Francis

    Julius Francis

    Freelance Digital Marketer at Fiverr, USA My journey in digital marketing has been based in perseverance and utility. As most…

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  • Photo of Patricia Setyadjie

    Patricia Setyadjie

    CEO of BrainBox Creative, Indonesia Hi, I’m a Corporate Professional with over 18 years of strategic business development, incl operational…

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  • Photo of Kyrylo Yevglyevskyy

    Kyrylo Yevglyevskyy

    VP of Marketing at CHI Software, Ukraine I have worked as a marketer for more than 9 years, gaining experience…

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