EUDWInternational Conference on Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Biological Systems in the Digital Age

Balbir Singh

Speaker at International Conference on Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Biological Systems in the Digital Age

Head of Agronomy at Indorama Fertilizers, Nigeria

Dr. Balbir Singh, PhD Agronomy from Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, his academic research was on Integrated Nutrient Management of Rice (University Topper in Masters and Doctorate).

Started career with Bayer Crop Science (Seeds and Agrochemicals), worked with Coromandel International Ltd (Fertilizer), Mahyco Monsanto (Cereals and Seeds), Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (Speciality Fertilizers) and Export Trading Group for Agro-commodity (Coffee, Maize, Fertilizers, Sesame, Soybean, Beans, Tea, Sisal) Operation, Procurement, Export, Import and new agribusiness ventures.

Worked on Agri Business Development in Emerging Economies: India, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Working with Indorama Eleme Fertilizer and Chemicals Ltd, as Head Business Development and Agronomy, World’s Largest Single Line granular Urea Fertilizer Plant at Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 1.5 MTPA Capacity, supplying to ECOWAS and Latin American Countries. IEFCL is highly contributing for Agronomy, Extension, Branding, Promotion and Liaison with national and International development partners.

Agribusiness Leader of the Year-2014, by African Agribusiness Investment Summit, Kampala, Uganda. Panellist and Key Speaker at International Conf on Agril (CVL), Lagos, International Fertilizer Value Chain (IFDC/AFAP) at Accra, Agrik Expo n Conference (NABG)-2016 & 17, Abuja, Africa Fertilizer & Agribusiness Conf -2016, 17, 18, Dar, Accra, Addis, Dakar, Maputo etc, ECOWAS food security Conf Abuja-2016, IPNC Copenhagen, Denmark, FMO Nairobi, Kenya and CRU/Argus Conferences on Fertilizers across Africa and Latin America (Ghana, Mozambique, IVC, Senegal, Ethiopia, SA and Brazil etc.) and IFA,2019 Montreal, Canada.

Non Professional Interest: Having keen interest in kitchen garden, flowers, vegetables and fruits, passionate and play- Table tennis, Badminton and Chess, reader n writer of Agribusiness articles.

Session: Farmers training and education is key factors to increase farm income and food security

Advanced tool for Farmer training and education in Africa

Most Populated African Country home to 2.6% of the population of the world (7th largest)

By 2050, Population is projected to reach 410 million making it 3rd largest in the world.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy

Agriculture contributing to 1/3rd of GDP employing 2/3rd of population

Average farm holding size of 0.8-1 ha ; One of the the lowest in the World

Largest producer of Yam and Cassava

Largest Importer of Rice and Wheat

Around 34.0 Mn Ha area is under cultivation

Cereal crops (Sorghum, Maize, Millet and Rice) which requires higher fertilizer application occupies more than 50% of the cultivated area (23.2 Mn Ha)

Major staple crops in Nigeria are cassava, yam, maize, sorghum, rice and millet.

Learning outcomes:

  • Agronomy and Fertilizer contribution in Food security
  • African Agriculture
  • How to convert subsistence Agri to Industrial Agri
  • Agri input application

Additional information and programme of International Conference on Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Biological Systems in the Digital Age here

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