International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

  • Photo of Interview with Simone De Ruosi

    Interview with Simone De Ruosi

    Hello Simone, please tell me something about you and your work. Hi there, I’m Simone de Ruosi, General Manager at…

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  • Photo of Milena Ramcheva

    Milena Ramcheva

    Executive Director of METRICA, Bulgaria Milena Ramcheva has been working in the field of direct marketing for more than 13…

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  • Photo of Nevi Koeva

    Nevi Koeva

    CEO of Semira Ltd.,Bulgaria Nevi Koeva is Email Marketing Specialist with 12 years of experience – Founder of the email…

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  • Photo of Zhecho Dobrev

    Zhecho Dobrev

    Principal Consultant at BeyondPhilosophy LLC. Zhecho Dobrev (Bulgaria) is a Principal Consultant at Beyond Philosophy LLC., one of the first…

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  • Photo of Manendra Singh

    Manendra Singh

    Entrepreneur E-commerce, India I am an 18 year’s old boy and I have been doing e-commerce from last 1 year…

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  • Photo of Bhavya Kher

    Bhavya Kher

    Head of Digital Marketing & Training at IDMI, India Digital Marketer | Trainer | LinkedIn Enthusiasts| Entrepreneur | Growth Hacker…

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  • Photo of Tom Griffiths

    Tom Griffiths

    Director of Business Development at talkAItive, United Kingdom Tom is an experienced startup developer with experience in growing AI and…

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  • Photo of Petar Dyaksov

    Petar Dyaksov

    Managing partner and marketing director of Tendrik Europe, Bulgaria My name is Petar Dyaksov. Currently, I am managing partner and…

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  • Photo of Hristo Radichev

    Hristo Radichev

    Country Manager of Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria Ltd., Bulgaria Hristo Radichev has degrees in Sociology and International Relations from Sofia…

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  • Photo of Jurgis Gylys

    Jurgis Gylys

    Head of Business Digitalization at NFQ Technologies, Lithuania Jurgis Gylys is a consultant for business digitalization and business processes optimization…

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  • Photo of Branden Moskwa

    Branden Moskwa

    Founder & CEO of, Canada Recognized as “One of the Industry’s Brightest Minds” and “Top Players” by IBM and…

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  • Photo of Maria Yordanova

    Maria Yordanova

    Cybersecurity Assessment Consultant at SoCyber, Bulgaria Maria is a Cybersecurity Assessment consultant for SoCyber. The company specialises in Penetration Testing…

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  • Photo of Sergi Sergiev

    Sergi Sergiev

    CEO of ShopUp, Bulgaria 10 years of experience in data science, machine learning, and data mining, especially in the IoT,…

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  • Photo of Guy Courtin

    Guy Courtin

    Global Head of Alliances at 6 River Systems, USA Currently Guy oversees the global partner and alliance program for 6…

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  • Photo of Ines Rivera

    Ines Rivera

    Product & Field Marketing Manager at Nuance, United Kingdom Ines Rivera is a commercially-oriented marketing, strategic and growth senior professional…

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  • Photo of Adetunji Adelakun

    Adetunji Adelakun

    CEO at Scantranx Technologies Inc., Canada Adetunji is the CEO of Scantranx Technologies Inc. and a seasoned Software Engineer with…

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  • Photo of Simone De Ruosi

    Simone De Ruosi

    General Manager at ZeroGrey, Italy General Manager at Zerogrey, an eCommerce agency with 20 years in the market and one…

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  • Photo of Tahise Soares

    Tahise Soares

    Head of eCommerce at Loreal, Brazil   Session: Best practices for a high performance online execution A perfect online execution…

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  • Photo of Sergey Shvets

    Sergey Shvets

    Founder & CEO at Gepard, Ukraine IT entrepreneur with a deep technical background. Founder & CEO at Gepard, the product…

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  • Photo of Meital Baranes

    Meital Baranes

    Social Media Marketing & E-Commerce Expert at Meital Baranes LTD, Israel Meital Baranes, 30 years old, is a digital media…

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