EUDWInternational eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

Matt Szczepaniak

Speaker at International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

eCommerce Consultant at Divante, Poland

1. In project management from 2013, as a salesperson from 2015

2. Absolutely focused on IT for last 3 years

3. Experienced in different roles: as a separate specialist, team manager and CMO

4. I am reaching my goals by a mix of strategy, analysis, networking and schedule

Session: How the COVID-19 changed eCommerce

Post-COVID19 commerce

During the short session I would like to describe the situation in Europe with interesting figures and diagrams. I will use examples of spectacular fails and wins.

Learning outcomes:

  • Stop to being afraid of digital transformation
  • Compare their situation with most spectacular examples from Europe
  • Answer the question: do I really need eCommerce?

Additional information and International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference programme – here

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