Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference

  • Photo of Interview with Gagana Sharavi

    Interview with Gagana Sharavi

    Can you tell me a bit about your background and your current role? I come from a technical background. While…

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  • Photo of Ilana Golan

    Ilana Golan

    CEO of Golan Ventures Inc.,USA Ilana Golan is a well-known growth strategist in Silicon Valley helping individuals, and companies see…

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  • Photo of Rejiel Gonzales

    Rejiel Gonzales

    Founder/CEO of Bridge360, Inc., Philippines Rejiel “Rage” Gonzales graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Mining…

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  • Photo of Gagana Sharavi

    Gagana Sharavi

    Marketing Manager at Actyv, India Being into a technical course, management took me by surprise during the early stage of…

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  • Photo of Shangkari Manokaram

    Shangkari Manokaram

    Founder & Ceo of MRITS Resources, Malaysia “We Are the Creators, Design It Your Way” – Sha Manokaram Shangkari Manokaram…

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  • Photo of Stephanie Atkinson

    Stephanie Atkinson

    CEO at vMarque, LLC and Compass Intelligence, LLC, USA For 20 years, Stephanie Atkinson, has provided strategic insights, key trends,…

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  • Photo of Jenn Bonine

    Jenn Bonine

    President & CEO of AI Appstore, USA Jennifer Bonine is the CEO of AI Appstore, Inc., and was the first…

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  • Photo of Dwana Franklin-Davis

    Dwana Franklin-Davis

    CEO at Reboot Representation, USA As the CEO of Reboot Representation, Dwana is passionate about bringing together a strong collective to…

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  • Photo of Yaliwe Soko

    Yaliwe Soko

    SA Eco Lead at cLabs / Chairwoman UABA, South Africa As a blockchain and crypto early adopter, Yaliwe has established…

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  • Photo of Vira Buchkovska

    Vira Buchkovska

    Business Mindset coach, mentor at Vira Buchkovska, Belgium I am a mindset coach helping business owners and leaders to achieve…

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  • Photo of Tatiana Melnichuk

    Tatiana Melnichuk

    Founder and Managing Director at IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter, Russia I am the Founder and the Head of the…

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  • Photo of Jelena Milentijević

    Jelena Milentijević

    CEO & Founder at Digital Plus, Serbia Before I started my career in marketing, I had worked for 15 years…

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  • Photo of Doris Ojuederie

    Doris Ojuederie

    Founder and C.E.O at Blockchain African Ladies, Nigeria Doris Ojuederie, is an ardent blockchain technology lover and enthusiast. She has…

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  • Photo of Carlene Jackson

    Carlene Jackson

    CEO and Founder at Cloud9 Insight, United Kingdom Carlene Jackson is the CEO of Brighton-based tech company Cloud9 Insight, a…

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  • Photo of Andjelka Ducic

    Andjelka Ducic

    Marketing Director at Symbiotica, Serbia Andjelka Ducic is a full-stack digital marketer with over 11 years of experience in the…

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