The Team

DiTech Media Team strives to promote digital technologies, paying special attention to its practical applications

CEO: Lyubomir Atanasov
Editor-in-Chief: Yordan Angelov

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Nelly Angelova

Administrative Director: Maria Suvandjieva
Art Director: Mimi Petrova
IT & Digital Marketing: Tendrik Europe Digital Agency
Publisher: IMG – Internet Media Group with the support of Digital4 Foundation

Editorial Department 1 – “Digital Technologies”
Editor-in-Chief: Svilena Kostadinova
Areas: Video and Social Media Marketing; eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation; Supply Chain & Fulfillment Solutions; Digital Decisions in Cultural & Scientific Heritage;

Editorial Department 2 – “Digital Technologies”
Editor-in-Chief: Chudomira Stamova
Areas: Fintech & Digital Banking Innovation; Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies; Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection; Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructures & Smart Buildings; Digital Municipality; Smart & Green Energy; Digital HRM;

Editorial Department 3 – “Digital Technologies”
Editor-in-Chief: Yoana Yordanova
Areas: Smart Industry & Digital Factory; Robotics, Automation & Artificial intelligence Systems; Digital Healthtech, Healthcare & Pharmacy; Agriculture, Food and Biological Systems in the Digital Age;

Editorial Department 4 – “DiTech Global – Press Center & PR Communications”
Editor-in-Chief: Gabriella Andreeva

The DiTech Authors and Correspondents from the USA, Australia, Bangladesh, Denmark, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Germany, Malawi, UAE, United Kingdom, Belgium, South Africa, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Philippines, and others.



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