• Photo of Cross-channel anti-fraud system

    Cross-channel anti-fraud system

    According to the international statistics, the percentage of fraud against individuals using social engineering methods (smishing, vishing, phishing, spoofing phone…

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  • Photo of Ehochi Darlington

    Ehochi Darlington

    I am Ehochi Darlington a Professional Digital marketer, Social media Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Creation Development. I am…

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  • Photo of Katia Shabanova

    Katia Shabanova

    Katia Shabanova brings more than 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing communications, with an emphasis on technology.…

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  • Photo of Anthony Stevens

    Anthony Stevens

    Anthony Stevens is Co-Founder and CEO of 6clicks, a revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enabling companies to automate…

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  • Photo of Alexander Yakovlev

    Alexander Yakovlev

    Alexander Yakovlev is an e-commerce expert with more than 10 years of experience. Today, Alexander is a Head of the…

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  • Photo of Mark Randall

    Mark Randall

    Mark is a 20-year-old veteran in the technology space and now leads MarTech company, WP Engine. Mark has led the…

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  • Photo of Mac Fadra

    Mac Fadra

    Mac Fadra is the Founder and CEO of MAXiM Hair Restoration, MAXiM ReGen, and MAXiM Cosmetic Surgery. These companies are the few…

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  • Photo of Yulia Stasyuk

    Yulia Stasyuk

    I graduated from the Taganrog Radio Engineering University, Faculty of Information Security. Now I’m the head of the PR department…

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  • Photo of Maximilian Richter

    Maximilian Richter

    Maximilian Richter is a Ph.D. candidate and research assistant at the Institute for Customer Insight at the University of St.…

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  • Photo of Lorenzo Madrid

    Lorenzo Madrid

    Lorenzo Madrid has more than 30 years of work experience in the public and private sectors, including over ten years…

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  • Photo of Irina Ribchenko

    Irina Ribchenko

    First Line Software – content editor  I am a media editor of First Line Software, creating content about IT business.…

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  • Photo of Ekaterina Vronskaya

    Ekaterina Vronskaya

    Ekaterina Vronskaya graduated Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism. Began her professional career in communications in 2017 from a…

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  • Photo of Roman Kruchinin

    Roman Kruchinin

    Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Neirolis – multinational technology company incorporated in Malaysia. It is focused upon the creation…

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  • Photo of Erik Bigalk

    Erik Bigalk

    Erik Bigalk is a business solutionist, serial entrepreneur, Quantum Coach, international business writer/speaker/author and founder/CEO of multi-award-winning brand communication and…

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  • Photo of Russell Easther

    Russell Easther

    Russell Easther is a leading expert on all things digital delivering training programs to corporates, marketing agencies, media companies, marketing…

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  • Photo of Jean-Manuel Maret

    Jean-Manuel Maret

    I’m Manu, a 28-year-old webmarketing freelancer located in Namur, Belgium. Beside that, I’m a huge fan of heavy-metal music and…

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  • Photo of Rustam Mirzakhmedov

    Rustam Mirzakhmedov

     Born: March, 1991. Co-founder of Instafilter AR Effects Development Studio Education: Tyumen State University (financial management, specialist’s degree) In 2015…

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  • Photo of Sanket Abhay Desai

    Sanket Abhay Desai

    My name is Sanket Abhay Desai. I am a former digital marketing senior associate with JP Morgan Chase – a…

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  • Photo of Sergey Ozhegov

    Sergey Ozhegov

    Sergey Ozhegov is a Chief Executive Officer at SearchInform, information security and risk management solution developer. For over a decade…

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  • Photo of Taylor Ryan

    Taylor Ryan

    6x Start-up founder of various businesses and industries. Taylor is from Washington, DC and has been in the start-up scene…

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