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“Doctors facing this crisis need devices that are easy to use, fully automated and equipped with artificial intelligence”

Filippo and Marco Developing new technology that helps COVID-19 patients to breathe

Italy, Parma

COVID-19 can cause shortness of breath for some and severe breathing difficulties for others, which can be very scary. To cope with the shortage of artificial ventilators available for such patients, Marco and Filippo, through their startup Omnidermal, have created the Artificial Breathing Unit (ABU). Their combined experience in the development of medical devices and pharmaceutical automation is hoped to help COVID-19 patients, and those in rehabilitation, to breathe stronger. The Innovative Medicines Initiative, Europe’s partnership for health, is additionally accelerating the medicines development process, generating new scientific insights, and developing resources for open use by the research community. Furthermore, some of these projects are already delivering direct benefits to patients.

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