For Companies/PR agencies

For PR Specialists

Even if you are a professional in the PR area of management, you still need to maintain a good connection and ensure high media coverage.

DiTech Press Center helps you to establish this connection which you`re in need of.


  • You will get wide coverage by connecting with leading businesses, industrial and local media
  •  You will get to publish your content in the social media in order for it to get more attention
  •  Your content will be easily found on the front pages of the Internet.
  • The Press Release will be seen by plenty of journalists and bloggers that are keen on your topic.

For Business owners

Brand positioning, more sales, and potential clients

What are the benefits of the Press Releasing

Creating a positive depiction. The regular mentioning of the company in the media helps construct a positive depiction of the brand. If you don’t appear in the news, you simply do not exist. Publishing press announcements in the media form a reliable and accountable view in the eyes of the partners and clients.

Increasing sales. The distribution of press announcements leads to increasing the web traffic of the company’s website which focuses on the growth of your stock orders and services.

Search engine optimization (SEO). The content in the press release for the printing gets indexed by the search engines. The links contained in it, are perceived as normal. Increasing them significantly raises the web position in the search engines.

Limiting the false content. It’s no secret that sometimes disloyal competitors would share irrelevant information for other companies. The distribution of the press announcements will help you erase the inaccurate content from the first results of the web search.

Not sure how to write press release for the news? You are not in touch with journalists and the media?

DiTech Press Center will do the work for you – all you need to do is a few simple steps:

  1. Create a personal account in
  2. Write and prepare the press release for the media.
  3. Once it`s ready you need to upload it on the website through your press center account.
  4. Post it in a convenient and coherent form by providing good quality with our recommendations and then click on “Publish”. Define the certain categories of media artists and bloggers that excite you.
  5. Get notifications and feedback on social media.
  6. Analyze them and prepare new media content.
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  • You can choose your most suitable plan for using the DiTech Global Press Center. Visit >>> Subscription Plans / FAQ
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