Poď Podnikať academy

Poď Podnikať academy is a small digital marketing agency.


The Founder of the academy is Matus Kopalko.

Digital marketing agency is focusing on micro, small and medium clients. They set up and lead on behalf of their clients online advertising that generates profit for them. Meet them up in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava and get a free coffee, as they operate fully remotely.

Strong push towards profitable results, functional communications while working remotely and passion for online advertising are critical factors that distinguish them from other peers in the digital advertising sector. Video & social media marketing campaigns continue to grow in demand therefore they use the latest technology, agile principles, and proven know-how to boost sales of clients that they help.
Their mission:
“We help smaller companies find new clients and increase their sales on the internet.”

Sales Through Social Networking
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Comprehensive care for social networks
Advertising on LinkedIn

Video Marketing
Video advertising
Video production
Personal branding
Youtube channel management
Employer branding

Content marketing
Writing blog articles
Email marketing
Writing a book

E-learning services
Creating online courses
Creating corporate training

Also, check out their social media marketing blog, in Slovak language to learn more about how they see the future of video & social media marketing. They usually write case studies and add a lot of tips and tricks for marketing enthusiasts. Look forward to a better digital future.



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