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Peter Roessger, Dr.-Ing.

Speaker at International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Artificial intelligence Systems

Founder & CEO of beyond HMI//////, Germany

Peter Rössger is a professional keynote speaker in the area of technology, society, humans, and machines. This includes automotive human machine interfaces, user experience, and usability. Peter founder and owner of beyond HMI/////. We focus on creating knowledge on humans in autonomous driving, HMI concepts, usability and user experience for the automotive industry, the Industrial Internet, mobile machinery, and software applications. We perform studies on markets, cultures, usability and user experience. Our strategic market analysis gives deep insights into automotive markets, the future of mobility, usability and user experience trends and technologies. Target is to lift our clients to new levels of business, success, and satisfaction.

We use our knowledge to develop HMI concepts for our customers. This includes among others development of strategic options, team coaching, development of scenarios, user journeys, use case identification, interaction designs, and the roll out of specifications. Peter is Assistant Professor for Human Factors at the International School of Management, at the Hochschule Esslingen and the Joanneum Graz (Austria). In 2017 he received the certification as a Systemic Management Coach by the ICF.

Session: Who’s Leading? On the Relationship between Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Do artificial and intelligence go together? What is the relationship between us and humans and technology that is supposed to be intelligent? We are facing challenges in implementation, use, human-machine interface, and acceptance. The open issues will be discussed with a human centric view.

Learning outcomes:

  • Put the human in focus for any technology including AI.
  • AI does not exist, or does it?
  • There are limits in application and realization.
  • Apply professional knowledge on the human-machine relationship when using AI.

Additional information and programme of International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Artificial intelligence Systems – here

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