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Noha Shaker

Speaker at Fintech & Digital Banking Innovation Conference

Secretary General of the Egyptian FinTech Association/Vice President of Africa FinTech Network , Egypt

Is the founder and Secretary General of the Egyptian Fintech Association, co-founder and Vice President of the Africa FinTech Network – both are non-profit organizations that serve Financial Inclusion and equitable economic growth across Africa, using FinTech and entrepreneurship as means to democratise finance! She is also a partner in FinTech holding, based in the UK .It builds and invests in FinTech start-ups across Africa, it’s main objective is to democratise finance. Noha is also the Managing Director of DCBC a consulting firm that serves small and medium business and FinTechs wishing to grow into the Egyptian and African markets. She is also an angel investor and is on the Innovate Finance power list of FinTech leaders shaping the future of the financial industry for 2019. The last corporate job I held until 1/3/2020, having the board in CIB adopt FinTech. Establishing digital banking and a FinTech department within, Egypt’s first FinTech accelerator in collaboration with the American University in Cairo and the bank’s VC that invests in FinTech start-ups, mentoring tens of startups. Then establishing the Egyptian FinTech association and co-founding Africa FinTech Network. Egypt’s only non-for profit that works on supporting FinTech ecosystem and the union for African FinTech Associations. growing the members base to include large incumbent financial institutions and FinTech start-ups and collaborating with Trilateral Organizations including African Union, African Development Bank and the UK trade mission, positioning both organizations as the one stop shop to seek support for local and international start-ups wishing to expand their businesses into Egypt and Africa. Noha Is a key note speaker and a thought leader, she is on the Innovate Finance power list of FinTech leaders shaping the future of the financial industry for 2019.

Session: Insights into the evolution of the financial industry- A future capsule

We will look into the status quo of financial service providers, the factors leading to that rapid change and how will the financial service providers of the futor look like and what incumbents can do today to grow and sustain a profitable business.

Learning outcomes:

  • What are the drivers of change?
  • Is it too late to start today? What capabilities incumbent financial institutions should build now.
  • Characteristics of the financial services of the future.
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