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Kevin Roberts

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference

Content Specialist at Worldplay, Canada

Kevin has ambitiously grown his career in marketing following several years serving vulnerable clientele in a variety of social service sectors before focusing his attention on a combination of corporate, non-profit, and government endeavors.

Transitioning from social services to marketing came about after actualizing a desire to reach people on a larger scale, with the goal of finding and subsequently disseminating the unique value of every product or service offered. Utilizing his acquired talents in assessing human behavior, marketing came naturally as analyzing patterns and trends in consumer activity is recognized as not only a science but a meticulously crafted art.

Throughout the past few years, Kevin has collaborated alongside notable Canadian entrepreneurs as he executed marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and developed strong content for a variety of industries from aircraft manufacturing to healthcare, fleet management to HVAC services, and now exclusively for a Canadian-based tech company, Worldplay, and it’s VidflexTM video platform.

Honing his skills to meet, as well as understand, the needs of underserved individuals in Alberta, Kevin has passionately pursued a commitment to community engagement. Above all else, Kevin’s true passion lies in writing. His adaptability to tone and voice comes from years of crafting his technical and creative expertise.

By effectively being able to find solutions to crises across diverse circumstances, his ability to consider alternate perspectives and execute carefully developed plans has afforded him a keen sense of resourcefulness in a myriad of situations.

Session: Social Media, Content Writing, & Video Marketing

Reach A Digital Generation with Video Marketing

Using video to reach new audiences or expand current target markets has the potential to increase brand awareness and improve visibility on social media. Via live streaming and on-demand video, users have the advantage to grow their customer/fan base and begin monetizing their content. Through effective content writing with blogs, whitepapers, web copy, and strategic social media activity, video management can be supplemented with a robust, interactive tool. Ranging from sharing live performances to building a sense of community and privately distributing corporate news to inviting public audiences to virtual conferences, video is an efficient use of resources to grow and maintain an engaged following.

Learning outcomes:

  • In this session, participants will learn to craft effective calls-to-action.
  • In this session, participants will learn about the benefits of video hosting.
  • In this session, participants will have the ability to monetize their content.
  • In this session, participants will learn how to structure short and long form content.

Additional information and Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference programme – here

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