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Shachar Tal

Speaker at International Conference on Supply Chain Management & Fulfillment Solutions

Founder at Loginno, Israel

Shachar Tal, an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary manager, is the Co-founder of the award -winning logistics IoT startup Loginno and in charge of creating and delivering on the company’s one-word vision: Contopia (Container Utopia). Tal is the former head of business development of a $300M division of Zim shipping and former partner at strategic management consulting firm Mitzuv. He is a true fan of cutting- edge industrial technology and progressive rock music.

Session: Shipping innovation via digitization and the Internet of Things

Creating Contopia: The World’s First Digital Shipping Company

Struggling to get out of a world of data darkness, one shipping company decides to go fully digital. This is the story of a competition, a global search for the first digital shipping company. Find out who won and how they are going to transform container shipping forever.

Learning outcomes:

  • What is Contopia
  • A true use case of shipping innovation through IoT
  • Be exposed to spearhead innovation in logistics
  • Understand the market values of going digital

Additional information and International Conference on Supply Chain Management & Fulfillment Solutions programme – here

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