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Diego Gaminde

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at ComeFruta S.L

Can you tell me a bit about your background and your current role?

I have a Marketing and comercial direction bachelor by the AOCEU of Barcelona and
a Master in Digital Marketing by the Institute of Digital Economics of ESIC Business
School. I help companies with their digital marketing and Ecommerce strategy to
increase new and recurrent customers with a strong focus on sales and revenue. If I
would have to define my main role in one sentence it would be to connect a
company and it’s value proposition with the correct market throughout digital
Nowadays I’m working on ComeFruta.es as Digital Marketing and Ecommerce
Business developer. ComeFruta is a leading Ecommerce in Spain that offer fresh
fruit and vegetables throughout all the Spanish territory. Also I collaborate in an
Ecommerce community and blog as content responsible and sharing experiences
related with the Ecommerce, revenue management and digital marketing. The
project is called EcommerceRentable.es

Let’s start with a quick introduction about e-commerce, and where it’s

As time goes by, Ecommerce products and services deliveries are more present in
our day to day lives. Ecommerce is not a future trend anymore, but a present way of
doing business which is being adapted by more and more companies.
I think that regardless of the sector, all companies with no excetion should pay
aNention to their digital strategies and online presence. And also, to consider
exploring the Ecommerce part because the consuming habits from customers all
around the world are driving towards this way of purchasing.

There’s clearly some difference between how we shopped before to
how we shop now. What are the advantages of e-commerce in
comparison to tradional commerce?

Accessibility, globalization and convenience are three clear advantages of the
Ecommerce ecosystem. But on the other hand I consider very important to avoid
loosing all the physical part of the buying experience. What most successful brands
do is not to put up a fight between their two parts of the business: Ecommerce vs.
Tradi*onal commerce. They rather understand and know how to create synergies
between them and I think that is the smartest decision.

Why did you choose this field of business? What do you think is
important about it.

I like Marketing positions because of the dynamism of this disciple and because
good marketing works as an integrator of the rest of the functions of a company. To
establish successful digital marketing strategies you have to take into considera*on
legal department, advertising, operations, logistics and many other requirements
because at the end you have to act as a connector between a company and the
potential market.
In my particular case what I like the most is to combine marketing with the
Ecommerce world and extract the best of both worlds.

How to increase e-commerce sales by loyalty program?

Loyal customers are one of the most profitable ones because they’re align with the
core values of a brand and they already trust the products or service that we are
offering. To achieve loyal customers and their recurrence we need to implement a
loyalty program following three basic steps.
First, understand the key metrics and data in order to make smart choices. For
example Customer Lifetime Value, Churn Rate, Average Order Value…
Second, segment your customer data base having into account the previous metrics
and depending on how much time and money these customers “invest” in a brand.
Finally, apply personalized loyalty actions such as specific discounts, advantages,
special content, customiza*on and customer support to increase that recurrence
and loyalty.

Which of the current ecommerce trends do you consider to be the most

From the customer point of view, I consider speed and convenience the two most
important features of Ecommerce. Also user experience and personalization are
other factors that will enhance the online buying experience and it’ll generate loyal
customers and therefore recurrence.
On the other hand, from the Ecommerce professionals point of view, a crucial
“trend” or skill that we must have is the ability to measure everything as accurately
as possible.

What trends are emerging in the coming years for e-commerce

I think that a very clear trend that we’ll see in the following years is going to be Voice
Commerce. There’re two reasons. First, as time goes by people is trusting digital
commerce and new ways of purchasing… and in this case, make a purchase by using
voice it’s much more confortable, easy and contactless.
Second, big players such as Amazon, Google or Apple are investing hundreds of
millions in this type of technology. At the end of the day, this companies are so big
that they have the power to move the market towards the direction they want, and
it’ll be voice commerce.


Prepared by,
Stanislava Angelova
/Editor at DiTech Media/

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