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Is E-Health right for everyone?

By Dr. Ismail Sayeed

How far we have come with technology and personalised health monitoring.

My parents and your parents would never dream that in this future we can wear a pulse monitor like a watch……and at the same price as a specialist appointment also!

Healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs have given the public so much

There are mobile apps to remind you for taking medicine

Fixing doctor appointment

Checking and sending your own medial files

Talking with a consultant from another country on your screen

Yet something is missing

Not everyone is on board with eHealth or mHeath

Many health companies still didn’t find the right product to really bring social change or a long lasting public health benefit……at least enough to be financially sustainable for end user patients and for these companies

So what’s wrong?

What is really needed so that a few years down the line……when a government or global health body…like WHO can say that such a invention or innovation has improved human life?

Honestly I don’t have those answers yet

What I think…….again my personal and also professional opinion

The people behind the technology are often not related to the industry they are serving…….meaning it is unlikely that the CEO or MD or whoever is designing these products has ever worked night shift on a weekend…..or prescribed 4 anti cancer drugs at same time……or even stuck a ventilator tube in a premature baby…….

To put it another way………would you trust a product…even a mobile app for lets say a food delivery service….when the designers have never worked in the food industry?


Would you expect some service quality to be missing?

Hmmm……interesting point….

With medical and health innovation I also feel the same way

Perhaps what a really effective healthcare innovation can do…..or is supposed to do……all depends on what do the people actually want

What do people expect or desire to improve their health using new age technology.

In the business community this is called the PAIN POINTS……what are the pathways and pains that your target consumer take or face from the point of discomfort… all the steps taken to get better again…..

I feel….only a healthcare professional would know how to shorten or improve these steps……with the help of technology of course

So what was the main conclusion of this talk?




If you……the entrepreneur or wannabe-visionary want to impact on healthcare process in an effective way……need to atleast consult with the medical community to really pinpoint what is missing in the day to day life journey of patients and the healthcare providers……in order to really produce a concept that will help.

Good afternoon and good health to all

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Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Ismail Sayeed Physician. Entrepreneur. Author. Startup Founder. Mentor. MBBS MMed MSc | Global Health entrepreneur | Amazon Author | Founder of VIOS, A medical app for Doctors, made by Doctors
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