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Alina Boyte

Speaker at European Digital Innovation & Start-Up Summit

Founder and CEO of Alina Boyte LLC, USA

Alina Boyte is a full-time law professor specializing in intellectual property law based in Jackson, Mississippi at the Mississippi College School of Law. Alina is a graduate of Stanford Law School, the University of Cambridge, and the University of London. With 20 years in the field of intellectual property, Alina is acutely aware of the challenges that entrepreneurs and startups face when they try to bring a creative idea to the market. She founded and started her company Alina Boyte LLC to help creative and social entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into products and services that sell in the market and produce raving fans. Alina is also the host of the Heart-centered Life Podcast, which provides leaders and entrepreneurs with tools, resources, and tips for living a heart-centered life and making an impact on the world. She resides in Raymond, Mississippi, the USA with her husband and their 5-year-old daughter. Alina loves spending time with her family in her free time, cooking, and reading to her daughter. Find out more about her work at and listen to her podcast at

Session: Creating and Growing Successful Start-ups

The 5 Stages to Successful Commercialization of Your Product or Service

Every successful start-up goes through 5 stages, from the conception of an idea to its successful commercialization. Having a great idea is just the start for an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur needs to make sure that the idea will sell and be attractive to customers in the market. In this session, we explore these stages so you can convert your idea into a valuable product or service, build a successful business, and impact the world positively.

Learning outcomes:

  • Positioning Your Product or Service in a Market so that it Sells
  • Designing Your Product in a Human-Centric Way
  • Creating a Positive Social Impact through Business Practices
  • Using Intellectual Property Laws to Support Your Business

Additional information and European Digital Innovation & Start-Up Summit programme – here

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