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Htet Aung

Speaker at International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

Security Analyst at The Institute for Security and Open Methodologies, Myanmar

Htet Aung is a System and Network Administration professional with a strong experience in End-User support, IT department management, and technical consulting. Aung has been building his skills in cybersecurity, teaching and writing in the Hacker Highschool community and preparing for various certifications including the OSSTMM Professional Security Tester and The Offensive Security Certified Professional. He strongly favors research and troubleshooting, a natural insight into problem solving which he applies to IT and security related tasks such as the design and implementation of a secure network infrastructure from people to wires to servers. With strong customer support, financial, and economics skills and a positive make-it-happen attitude, Aung is both an excellent teammate and manager.

Mr. Htet Aung is currently working as a Manager of the IT Department of Pyay Garden Residences of Zaykabar Co., Ltd and actively contributing to Hacker Highschool, a non-profit project by ISECOM.

Aung began working in the IT industry as a junior System and Network Administrator in 2004 in Wintheingi Engineering Co., Ltd. and he grew into a Network Specialist position at Cherry FM of Zaykabar Co., Ltd in July 2011 where he was promoted to Manager of the IT department of the Zaykabar Group of companies in November 2011.

His self-starter attitude got him deeply involved in the Hacker Highschool Project in 2014 by translating the open source courses into the Burmese Language. Through that he became heavily involved in cybersecurity, learning network security, system administration security, ethical hacking, scripting, python, and the methodology of the OSSTMM.

Aung is continually learning and applies that to articles in both English and Burmese. He has made security awareness video lessons and is actively running the Hacker Highschool Myanmar Community to increase his role and international connections as an ISECOM team member.

Session: Sharing some of the “how-a-system-may-go-wrong” affairs that I’ve experienced in my realworld environment and how we can protect using OSSTMM.

Assumptions, the Deadliest Vulnerability

Learning outcomes:

  • People are assumed in the security industry and some of them think it’s a Myth.
  • About some unsafe real world environment around me with some slide of experiments that I’ve done.
  • About how we use hardening of environment before we use fancy commercial tools
  • About how we protect as far as possible from the unsafe environment.

Additional information and International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference programme – here

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