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Volvin Irawan

Speaker at International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

Head of IT Security at OCBC NISP Bank, Indonesia

Volvin’s leadership and management skills are proven not only in his professional life but also in his service at the non-profit activities. It’s been demonstrated that he always accomplishes every goal despite any obstacles and constraints. He sees them as opportunities to grow in the professional and personal lives.

Volvin is equipped with the combined knowledge and expertise in information security/cyber security, IT risk management, IT governance & compliance, business process improvement, project management, people management and interpersonal skills. In his professional life, he is often sought by his colleagues for informative advice in the information security matters and other IT governance/compliance and IT risks related.

Volvin has led & contributed extensively in the implementation & certification of ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS) and ISO 20000 in one of the well-known financial institutions in Indonesia. He is also accountable for being the subject-matters-expert and as the liaison for all cyber security & IT operations related audits.

Session: Optimizing CSOC through user behavioral analysis

Optimizing CSOC through user behavioral analysis

CSOC has become a necessity in every industry, especially in the Financial Industry who focuses on digitalization of the services.
In a day there are millions of events that are captured in the security devices that are suspected as malicious or attempts to conduct malicious activities, this include internal users activities.
CSOC can not cope with the overwhelming security events to monitor and respond in the most effective manners.
User Behavioral Analysis in the security monitoring has helped the CSOC to remedy this issue.
It will present the challenges and the benefits of optimizing CSOC through adoption of user behavioral analysis tools in a diverse background & skillsets of the CSOC team.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will be exposed to the experience in building & directing a CSOC team who has diverse skill sets
  • Participants will be informed on the practical approach to remedy the issues of overwhelming security events

Additional information and International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference programme – here

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