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Bilal Amjad

Speaker at International Conference on Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructures and Smart Buildings

Postgraduate Student at University of Bradford, United Kingdom

I am a motivated graduate doing MSc in Smart Grids and Energy Systems at the University of Bradford. I got conceptual and technical knowledge of Smart Grids, power system operation and economics, energy market and sustainable energy development with practical experience in Big Data analytics and machine learning.

Currently, I am working on a project called Pi-Crest funded by Innovate UK in collaborations with Nortech Online, on microgrid integration and operation in the electrical network. I am actively involved in research on the integration of distributed energy resources and active network management in power systems for smart, green, and sustainable energy solutions with a good understanding of the market-based operation of smart grid and power system, ancillary services and security of power systems. Moreover, I practised machine learning techniques, Big Data tools on smart grids data analytics.

I am willing to start a career in digital energy and digital grid solutions with the role that can offer exposure to my technical digital skills and career development opportunities.

Session: Future Challenges and Directions for Renewable (Green) Energy Systems

ANM and DR for network planning with RERs

The proposed work includes a case study on implementing ANM and DR on a real UK distribution network having high penetration of RERs for network planning purposes. This study includes four scenarios, that are; network planning with ANM, without ANM, with DR and without DR. Comparison of these scenarios gives a clear view on planning a network with high penetration of RERs considering increasing load demand every year with and without ANM and DR.

Learning outcomes:

  • Impact of ANM and DR on network planning
  • ANM and DR for maximum integration for RERs
  • Energy consumption reduction DR
  • RERs integration with ANM

Additional information and programme of International Conference on Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructures and Smart Buildings – here

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