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Saba Merchant

Co-presentor of Neha Mathur at
Digital HRM Conference. The Future of HR & Talent Management

Co-Founder of Personifwy, India

Based in San Francisco, Saba is a dynamic thought leader with 18 years of experience in Strategy, Learning & Development and Business Development. She has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies in India and the USA.  She has had success with Harvard Business School and Berkeley Executive Education, Haas School of Business: University of California in leading and designing learning programs, shaping and executing multi-year strategies, and collaborating closely with leadership to drive Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness initiatives. Her most recent role is as Co-founder at Personifwy, an enterprise SaaS platform that revolutionizes employee engagement. The platform delivers real-time employee data intelligence to drive business success.

Session: Revolutionizing the Future of Employee Engagement

New-age employee engagement has defined its use in increasing business efficiency. Employee engagement has become more scientifically driven and the sentiments, motivation and challenges captured can affect the productivity of not just the employees but the overall company. People data is available through various sources and platforms within the company but little effort has been made to converge this data to see underlying trends that may affect the achievement of business goals. The session will focus on how people data can be analyzed to show its insights and its effects on business efficiency. We will showcase tools that help organizations create these channels of function to scale profitability.

Learning outcomes:

  • Relevance of employee engagement in the current scenario
  • Understand co-relation of disjointed data to business goals
  • Parameters of People Data that affect the business
  • Understanding the new age engagement tools

Additional information and Digital HRM Conference programme – here

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