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Ines Rivera

Speaker at International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

Product & Field Marketing Manager at Nuance, United Kingdom

Ines Rivera is a commercially-oriented marketing, strategic and growth senior professional with a strong track record in B2C & B2B strategy development and brand growth across businesses within the UK, Europe, US and Asia-Pacific. Integrated Omni-channel strategy across digital transformation, mobile, content, social, paid search, SEO and CRM creating revenue acceleration for leading global brands.

She is highly skilled at stakeholder management and strategic networking communication, with a proven record of leading highly performing teams delivering to budget and at scale. Furthermore, she is focussed on strategic development and delivery with both subscription and advertising models, implementing customer centric, consumer insight driven strategy for brand and product development, subscriptions and sales resulting in conversion optimization and growth.

Session: Digital Transformation pre & post COVID

Digital Transformation 2020-2021

This is a webinar to run through how digital transformation used to work 6 months ago and a review of how it’s currently changing and will keep transforming till the end of next year (2021).

Small to big companies are now forced to advance digitally like never before if they want to survive and keep good results, let alone if they want to keep improving and growing return on investment. Forbes has already been writing about this issue for a few months.

As digital leaders we’ve had to adapt to the circumstances of today ensuring that we are ahead of the consumer to deliver the results we want.

In this webinar we can cover from how to structure a team, to what channels to use depending on the product or market (B2B/B2C), key metrics & strategy to use, and a high line of the importance of each of the departments that I have managed (SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social, Content, Email Marketing, design, production web, and so on).

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding how digital transformation can help any organisation
  • How to adapt your organisation for a post-Covid world
  • Learn how to structure a team and choose channels depending on your product or solution
  • Understanding the importance of SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Content, Email, etc

Additional information and International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference programme – here

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