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Martin Pulpan

Speaker at International Conference on Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies

Project Consultant,Czech Republic

Born in the Czech Republic, I set off for Australia in my teens and fell in love with business education there. I enthusiastically completed my high school with straight A+ in Business & Enterprise subject and got awarded an A+ Merit award at the house of the Governor of South Australia. I continued to university where I studied finance, economics and entrepreneurship.

I am a project consultant at Tatum. I help blockchain developers, predominantly in the African fintech space, develop blockchain apps super fast and seamlessly. I have been passionate about facilitating financial inclusion: communicate with leading researchers of financial inclusion in Africa and run a youtube channel.

I am a big believer in the future of blockchain and its possibilites. I help create the blockchain future now.

Session: Facilitating Financial Inclusion in Africa through Blockchain

Statistical look at the financial inclusion in Africa
Real life examples – what it means and how does that compare to the developed world.
Filling the gap and the opportunity: The Mobile Money revolution & The Blockchain revolution
Developing a blockchain wallet with ease

Learning outcomes:

  • The past decade have seen a massive increase of financial inclusion in Africa, mostly driven by the adoption of Mobile Money.
  • There is still a significant number of people excluded from the financial system and blockchain can help fill the gap.
  • Developing a blockchain wallet is easy – take part in the revolution.
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