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Olubunmi Fabanwo

Speaker at Fintech & Digital Banking Innovation Conference

Assistant Banking Officer at Guaranty Trust Bank Plc , Nigeria

Olubunmi Fabanwo is an experienced Banker, Global Speaker, social commentator and trained Environmentalist. He has accumulated vast experience with one the most profitable organizations in Nigeria and has interests in Retail Marketing, Data Science, Blockchain and Platinum Banking.

He is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cell Biology & Genetics and obtained a Master’s Degree in Environmental Biology from the same Institution

Olubunmi is passionate about helping young people discover their strengths and harnessing them to achieve a greater purpose in life.

Session: In blockchain we trust

Trust in Blockchain Technology is a challenge facing both individual institutions and all applicable industries as a whole. For blockchain to be adopted on a large scale, we will need to experience a migration of trust from today’s effective-yet-expensive central counterparty utilities to the distributed model. The business benefits for many players, or even the industries, will not materialize if the ‘trust issue’ is not addressed effectively. Some of the hurdles that lie ahead: understanding whether or not the public ledger can be hacked, and navigating potential regulatory challenges related to blockchain’s adoption. This session will address these challenges and provide viable recommendations going forward.

Learning outcomes:

  • Create a workable implementation plan for building blockchain into institutions’ infrastructure.
  • Address security limitations with linked technologies
  • Reiterate the almost limitless potential uses and application of Blockckain, from financial transactions to automated contractual agreements and more
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