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Qavani Guy Noel Kone

Speaker at International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

Graduate at African Leadership University,Cote d’ivoire (Ivory Coast)

My career journey started in 2014, when I started being a content creator at Da Carmen Produzione, an Ivorian Company of music production. Then, in March 2015, I have been appointed manager at the Royal Hotel Residence, an Ivorian Hotel that, back at the time, hosted 56 delegates of the Francophonie Game. Later in 2015, around August, I started an internship at G4S Solutions Services, a multinational into security and solutions provider. As a member of the logistics office, I had to analyze and plan the reception and the purchasing of items, furnitures, and tools from the specific suppliers abroad and in the Country. In 2016, I started developing my own video production company, Perfection 4 Motion, that I am still running, till today. In 2018, I started an internship as a Regional Advisor, at African Leadership University, in the West African zone for 4 months (June-September 2018). In the same year, I have also been appointed delegate during the Youth Connekt Africa 2018, the Next Einstein Forum, and the Kaizene Forum, where I had the chance to be a guest speaker. From January 2019 to December of the same year, I have been appointed Deputy Country Manager of Young Job Network in Rwanda, a multinational trying to leverage the professional insertion of young graduates. In 2020, March to August, I started a position as Sales and Marketing Officer at Natcom services, and from now on I have been looking for a better offer to grow my skills and pursue my journey. I am still involved into conference, since I have been a Guest Speaker at the European Digital Week and now to the Worlds Digital Weeks

Session: Smart Retail: New Horizons for new perspectives

We are going to understand the concept of smart retail, explore its limit and discover the opportunities it has to offer.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the Smart Retail Concept
  • Discover the best approach to better implement a smart retail process
  • Discover the different opportunities to offer
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