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Paolo Margari

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference

CEO at Oltre.Digital, Belgium

Paolo Margari holds a PhD in Economic Geography and works in the digital marketing industry since 2005. He’s been working for British Council, ManpowerGroup, SWIFT and many other companies of different size, either as an employee or a consultant. He is an expert in SEO, online advertising, web analytics and UX (certified by Nielsen Norman Group). He also leads the digital marketing consultancy firm Oltre.Digital which is also specialised in performance marketing and eCommerce.

Session: Social Media and Web Analytics

Enhance your social media dataset to build insightful KPI’s

Social platforms offer a highly valuable snapshot of your brand and product’s health. From prospects to leads, from customers to employees – including enthusiasts and evangelists as well as haters and trolls – the full range of users that learn and interact with your social channels are continuously shaping your brand equity.

What are you looking at to measure and improve your campaign performance?

Looking at the right KPIs, beyond the usual suspects, and thinking of social channels not just as broadcast, amplifier or communication tools, but also as customer feedback and market research platform gives valuable information to improve communication (content, tone of voice, style) and the product portfolio – or at least its perception.

During the presentation, we’ll look at how to build a social performance dashboard with actionable insights, easy to understand by different stakeholders. With some little hacks to your dataset, it is possible to explore performance under different points of view, going beyond the usual metrics, by creating new ones and adding more meaning and context to your social media analysis.

Learning outcomes:

  • What are the most successful posts on LinkedIn
  • How to build an advanced social media performance dashboard on Google Data Studio
  • Verify if a good performance on social networks corresponds to a conversion on your website
  • Why good engagement KPIs on social media don’t always correspond to successful content

Additional information and Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference programme – here

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