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Yaliwe Soko

Speaker at Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference

SA Eco Lead at cLabs / Chairwoman UABA, South Africa

As a blockchain and crypto early adopter, Yaliwe has established her presence in the male-dominated
sector by becoming the chairwoman of the United Africa Blockchain Association and founder of Essence
Crypto Consultants, as well as United Africa Women in Blockchain.

Passionate about education, technology and financial inclusion, she ventured into crypto and blockchain
technology upon discovering the difference it can bring to the world, and especially how it can help
improve inefficiencies in Africa. She is excited to have a part in spearheading Africa’s adoption of the
technology and values the importance of driving education as use cases grow for the continent.
Residing in South Africa since 2006, Yaliwe enjoys learning something new every day as a Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency consultant and the endless possibilities it brings. Her biggest career highlights to date
include being recognized globally for the work that she is doing and knowing that she is encouraging
others to be the best they can be. She has been a guest speaker at various industry events.
She views her leadership and interpersonal relations skills as her biggest strengths, as well as her ability
to think outside of the box. Her goal is to become a certified blockchain and digital finance practitioner, as
well as a prominent leader and author within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
She believes in the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships and partnerships as life
works better with collaboration and not competition.

As a training facilitator and assessor, she enjoys knowing that she is imparting knowledge that can help
shape people’s lives. In order to educate herself and others, she has developed a learner guide for
beginners and numerous YouTube tutorials on blockchain technology and crypto and how to explore
Through hard work, determination and passion, Yaliwe has already established herself as a female role.

Session: The potential of Blockchain in Africa

The potential of Blockchain in Africa

This session will highlight the African Blockchain Ecosystem, the key players and the continental use-cases of the technology and opportunities for people looking at tapping into the African Market.

Learning outcomes:

  • African Blockchain Landscape
  • Use – cases
  • Opportunities

Additional information and programme of Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference – here

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