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  • EUDWPhoto of Venkatesh Seshadri

    Venkatesh Seshadri

    Head of Supply Chain Consulting at Confederation of Indian Industry, India Venkatesh Seshadri leads the Technical/ Advisory activities of CII…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Shachar Tal

    Shachar Tal

    Founder at Loginno, Israel Shachar Tal, an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary manager, is the Co-founder of the award -winning logistics IoT…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Rahul Madhavan

    Rahul Madhavan

    Business & solutions SME at Hitachi Europe, Netherlands Rahul is a Business consultant and Solution Leader for Hitachi’s Social Innovation…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Milan Chowdhury

    Milan Chowdhury

    SCM Consultant, India Milan Chowdhury has more than 12 Years of rich experience in SCM solution Implementation and digital supply…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Michal Maly

    Michal Maly

    Co-Founder and Director of AI at Photoneo, Slovakia Michal Maly received his PhD in the field of Computer Science, Artificial…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Juan Sotolongo

    Juan Sotolongo

    Sr Partner at 722 Consulting, United Kingdom Juan Sotolongo is an experienced international business executive, with a focus in logistics,…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Jos Miermans

    Jos Miermans

    Business Partner at Etheclo, Belgium Co-founder of etheclo – the missing link for thermo sensitive logistics Commercial engineer, graduated from…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Jessica Walther

    Jessica Walther

    CEO at Itivate, USA Jessica has demanded (and helped) leaders and organizations bring a “people first” mentality to work for…

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  • EUDWPhoto of George Nizamis

    George Nizamis

    Supply Network Developer, Greece George is from Greece and is 27 years old. He studied Accounting & Finance. George is…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Eduard Bockai

    Eduard Bockai

    CEO at Direct4.me, Monaco Engineer by training and value creator by vocation Eduard leads growth at Direct4.me. Previously leading growth…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Edouard Barreiro

    Edouard Barreiro

    Chief Expansion Officer at Citibox, France Edouard Barreiro is Chief Expansion Officer in Citibox. Before joining Citibox he was Public…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Clement Shuaibu

    Clement Shuaibu

    Transport and distribution manager at Nigerbev Limited, Nigeria Born 14th April 1985 in Sanga LGA Kaduna state in northern Nigeria.…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Atul Holkar

    Atul Holkar

    Founder of Art of Working, India Atul Holkar is a SeniorSupply Chain professional and the founder of ‘Art of Working’…

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  • Big Data & Internet of Things(IoT) Solutions ConferencePhoto of Elson Sutanto

    Elson Sutanto

    Principal Analyst at Juniper Research, United Kingdom Elson is currently a Principal Analyst with Juniper Research, a leading provider of…

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  • Big Data & Internet of Things(IoT) Solutions ConferencePhoto of Elpida Bantra

    Elpida Bantra

    IoT Consultant at CANCOM, Austria Elpida has experience as an IoT consultant, software engineer, and data scientist. Her math background…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Priyanka Naik

    Priyanka Naik

    Fintech Product Manager at AdvaRisk, India Priyanka is a multi-disciplinary practitioner in the banking and financial technology space, with several…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Anna Pavlovska

    Anna Pavlovska

    Country Head at WeGeNet, Lithuania Executive Director with combined FinTech& Commercial Bank& Central Bank experience. Experience in European Banking, Fintech,…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Sana Bouyahia

    Sana Bouyahia

    Partnership manager at Digital Pharma Lab, France Graduated with a Master in Chemistry and in Technical Sales Engineer, I have…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Nuoya Chen

    Nuoya Chen

    Marie Curie Fellow at HEART-ITN Project, Netherlands Nuoya Chen is currently working as the Marie Curie Fellow for the Health…

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  • EUDWPhoto of Khalid Ghaloua Adine

    Khalid Ghaloua Adine

    Head of Digital Health Industry at Etisalat, United Arab Emirates Khalid is a Digital Healthcare Transformation leader, with strong and…

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