EUDWVideo and Social Media Marketing Conference

Charan Shetty

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference

Founder of HeyAladdin, India

Basically I started my career as a developer and eventually got myself into Digital Marketing long back.

I help businesses with lead generation to get qualified leads from social media channels and would have probably generated 10,000 .for my clients to date!

I have built a community of 30K Facebook Marketing Masterminds Group (

In 2020 I have started a new venture called HeyAladdin to help generate creative content at scale at an affordable cost.

Session: Lead Generation

Generate Qualified Leads Using Content

There is a saying called “Content Is King” and I believe in this statement as I have generated a lot of qualified leads using content.

In this session, I unveil how you can use your existing content to generate leads for your business or create new targeted content to generate qualified leads.

I show you some of the hacks you have never heard before with regard to Lead Generation.

Learning outcomes:

  • Lead Generation
  • Running Targeted Online Ads
  • Educating your prospect
  • How to hack customer minds

Additional information and Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference programme – here

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