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An simple overview into AI and machine learning

by Yuv Malik

AI is definitely the industry of the future, with thousands of companies racing to take over each sub-industry to generate billions of dollars. From online to offline races between Wechat and Google, to voice recognition companies all around the world. The world is changing minute by minute. Hundreds of thousands of new algorithms being developed by the best of coders, new unimaginable feats day by day. From a simple AI to beat tic-tac-toe, to beating the legendary Lee Se-dol in Alpha go. A game with more possible moves than particles in the universe. New innovations are being nurtured by large investments to help succeed, in what could be the first multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most interesting and upcoming areas in Computer Science, the ideologies of which have been present since the ’50s. It can be extremely simple for a computer to accomplish tasks which a human can’t do. For example, they can remember vast amounts of data and can perform complex calculations instantly. What Artificial intelligence can do is cause computers to behave like humans, and along with their other skills, many interesting and useful programs can be made. How they can do this is going through large datasets, finding patterns, and applying them to real-world problems. The diverse myriad of uses range from speech recognition to housing price prediction, AI is a blanket term for many things.

Machine learning is an art, that many don’t understand. It’s being implemented wherever you go, from optimized advertisements to every query that your search for on the internet. Machine learning is mainly based around the optimization of Artificial intelligence to improve everyday things, such as Amazon’s success Alexa. Machine learning focuses on the development of highly advanced computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves.

Case study:

The development of self-driving technology in Tesla cars. One of the most advanced machine learning implementations has come out in the brand new Tesla. with impeccable human recognition systems, Navigate the car throughout hundreds of thousands of different cities. Tesla cars always include image recognition to send signals to the car about traffic lights ahead and speed limits around the city. Tesla’s cars can take into account a number of things to help the experience to every single driver in one of their cars. From checking the weather on the roads and optimising the car’s performance to fit it, building up optimum routes with predicted stops, to parking in the tightest of places a single button click. The impressive implementation into the design of the car really fits the package. Tesla autopilot is the real package for any tech geek.

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