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Virry VR – an enjoyable and accessible VR experience

By Svetlana Dragayeva, CEO Fountain Digital Labs, Virry VR

The stress of the current global pandemic is something that has affected almost everyone. Virry VR is an enjoyable and accessible VR experience for all ages – so everyone from young gamers to families will be interested in how they can use their headsets for more than entertainment. Virry uses real-imagery experiences that transport you to the cradle of humankind – the African savanna. We know that exposure to nature is one of the most effective non-medicinal methods to improve mental wellbeing. This can be difficult for those stuck at home and living in urban areas. With VR we can immerse ourselves in nature from the comfort of our home, reaping the same psychological benefits that spending time in outdoor nature can bring in short 5-10 minute breaks. Whilst we can’t avoid all sources of stress in our day to day lives, we can form healthy daily habits, such as taking break to interact with nature and wildlife, to help control our stress levels, which in turn helps our immune system. As the psychological effect that lockdown has had on people’s mental health becomes an increasingly important subject of discussion globally – we would like to show how virtual reality can play a role in getting people through this extraordinarily difficult time.

Our carefully designed VR experiences are proven to rapidly improve psychological health. We have tested our technology to measure its effectiveness on the psycho-emotional state of a range of participants and work closely with a number of leading psychologists to ensure we are providing the best possible VR solutions. Unlike other medical VR solutions, Virry can be used and enjoyed which is very important easily without the need for a special set up — delivering a better end user experience for everyone from young children stuck without summer holidays to older people with dementia.

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