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Skyrocketing into the NFT charts, Ksoids are charming creations bringing joy to humans and nature alike

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NFTs are a blockchain-based technology that has seen much hype and made headlines lately. Digital art collectors, fans, technology enthusiasts, and investors are among the most appreciative of NFTs. Artists turn their artwork into NFTs and sell them digitally through auctions and digital art platforms. What’s really interesting about NFTs is that artists are finally able to retain royalties through smart contracts even if their artwork is being resold again and again on secondary markets because NFT’s technology capabilities enable them to do it. With all the latest hype around Beeble’s NFTs, smaller brands from around the world are making their way to the Olympus as well. 

This week, Myshli Studio presented a Ksoids collection of no less than 1000 amazing and cutest characters as an NFT project. Created by Danil Krivoruchko and his wife, it turned to be a success. The project skyrocketed to the 1st position in the charts on OpenSea and 900+ out of the total 1000 auctioned Ksoids were sold within a few days, making it the only new project on the platform to reach the top position in the NFT chart. 

Ksoids are unique and uniquely curious, creatures whose breath of fresh air and creativity in its finest did not go unnoticed by digital art enthusiasts, collectors, fans, and investors, declaring it to be a true indie project rather than a CryptoPunks copycat. Even more, Ksoids are the first generative art – 3D characters that not only create a world of their own but also help protect ours – with 20% of each sale being donated to the Orangutan Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting orangutans in their native habitat. It costs around $3,000 – 5,000 a year to rescue, rehabilitate and release each orangutan. With $37,500 of today’s first donation from Ksoids’ current sales, the project has already helped save more than 12 orangutans. 

 Danil Krivoruchko commented, “We are very pleased to see how hundreds of Ksoids were sold out within hours since our launch on OpenSea. Of course, Ksoids are a very special project to me but the amount of support and words of excitement that we got just blew our minds away. We are extremely happy that so many other people love our creatures and, to tell the truth, still struggling to realize all this is real.”

 In addition to benefiting Orangutan Outreach, Danil is also committed to counteracting the substantial carbon footprint that results from the creation and trading of NFTs. A portion of the proceeds from all Ksoids transactions will go to climate change organization Already today, Ksoids have helped save 500 tonnes of CO2 for around $3,750 from current sales. The establishment shares Myshli’s commitment to transparency with ETH cryptocurrency being accepted as donations, where every contribution can be tracked in the blockchain.

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