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The future of gaming

The gaming industry is changing rapidly, faster than we age.

From the way we game, to the games we indulge ourselves in.

It all started from doing mind puzzles and board games that tickle our brains and intelligence to: shooting, driving luxurious cars, football gaming and robbing banks on gta.

Cloud gaming will dominate the world

As Internet speeds increase, cloud gaming will dominate, pc gaming will lag behind along with consoles.

The reason for this is portability, and flexibility.

Many avid gamers out there are leaning towards “gaming on the go” – cloud gaming supports this.

Google stadia, I doubt it will collapse, will soon maintain the idea of playing AAA games, from your mobile device, on a bus or a train.

In fact, all over the globe.

In 2018, mobile games generated a revenue of around 70 billion dollars and held 51% of the global market.

Mobile games has exponential growth.

It seems that pc gaming and consoles is losing its share.

Just have a look at this chart.

Credit: newzoo

We can see the declining industries; pc gaming and consoles, according to these statistics, it will continue to decline, until there is a significant marginal gap.

This is because phones are becoming increasingly more flexible.

Also, controllers will be more compatible with phones, playing rich titles on our phones.

Mobile gaming will be all the rage.

In addition, pricing will soon be more competitive, pc gaming costs a lot more than a £10 a month service by Google stadia/geforce now.

So, gaming on the go will look more attractive.

Gaming development

Development of games will soon be more easier and take less time, with the enhanced gaming engines and code already developed for certain parts.

The quick and efficient development process would result in gaming titles price dropping.

At the same time, developers want more control of the distribution of games and cut of pirating games through online sharing of applications.

This can be done with cloud gaming using a “netflix type model” – gamers can only access games through this service.

Reducing piracy and controversial issues surrounding games, in foreign countries.

Live streaming tools are evolving

For many years, gamers have relied on content through video platforms such as YouTube.

With the improvement of live game streaming technology, now at the click of a button.

All readily available freely across different platforms like twitch streaming, the amount of hours spent watching games is increasing rapidly.

Soon we will be able to play with others and interact freely and openly inside of games.

Open world graphics will soon feel real

Graphic cards will become even more powerful and efficient like the nvidia RTX 2080 ti.

But it will be even more impressive.

This means we can game using advanced VR technology from home in a 3D world, creating immersive open world gaming.

Soon, the clarity between the real world and the gaming world will diminish.

We might not be able to tell if we woke up in a game or our actual bed.

A statement by toshi hoo stated that:

“By 2030, the web will have escaped the screen, letting computer graphics leap into your home in 3D.”

IFTF’s emerging media lab.

So really, the way we are going with games, is towards a world that continues to evolve around satisfying our freedom from the real world.

The ability to do things we won’t be able to in the real world, whether that be shooting, free running. All will soon be possible using VR Technology and will feel so real.

I guess pain within games will feel real as well.


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