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Robots vs Doctors

Dear Doctors, nurses, therapists…..

Are you ready for unemployment ?

Scary right?

Did I get your attention?

There is no such thing as job security

There is no such thing as high demand career

You are as useful as the next existing technology

I’m sure many of you have seen the video about robotic surgery, smart chatting software that can diagnose much better then human doctors and of course the upcoming bio and nanotechnology innovation slowly coming into healthcare

If you are a hospital administrator, or a health budget planning committee……why on earth will you keep a workforce that needs to be paid, always complains, takes too long to train up or upgrade?

Why not get a synthetic workforce which can replace entire OT theatre/ entire OPD floor and of course automated personalised pharmatherapeutics?

Are you starting to sweat?

Is your pulse rising?

When did you last check your bank balance? Do you have enough to survive unemployment?

Before you faint…….there is a chance YOU may not be replaced……or in another way…..cannot be replaced in this century atleast

So what quality do you have that just might save your career…..or maybe you will earn more money in the future?

Do I mean you will be a technician for these robot doctors and android nurses?


At the end of the day….or even this century…..human patients still need the human touch

Part of healing occurs through bedside manners/professionalism……soft skills like empathy which I kept repeating my previous chapters

Artificial intelligence did not reach up to that level of higher brain function yet……so if you are able to show empathy, communication and complex problem solving skills……such as personalised care according to eac patient…….you have a future

But the risk of replacement is not science fiction

Even now in many industries like the RMG sector……Bangladeshi workers are getting replaced and or not getting higher promotion because they are no displaying higher brain functions in terms of interpersonal skills and team building

The Health sector is next…..don’t worry about robots replacing you

Foreign physicians and foreign trained professionals can easily replace you…..they will get higher salaries……and YOU will serve THEM!

That my friends is scientific fact…….

Stop chasing degrees

Invest in skills training that improves your patient interaction

Speak longer, nicer and more professional to your patients……that’s what they want……not fancy degrees

Hopefully the ViOS team will introduce the first of many Medical Soft Skills Training Courses in the near future……

So please stay tuned….


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Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Ismail Sayeed Physician. Entrepreneur. Author. Startup Founder. Mentor. MBBS MMed MSc | Global Health entrepreneur | Amazon Author | Founder of VIOS, A medical app for Doctors, made by Doctors
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