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Novnish Ramesh - Content and Campaign Marketing Manager of Egis

Mr. Ramesh, please introduce yourself and tell our readers more about your professional background

I am a recognized content marketer and strategist, a certified copywriter, a global keynote speaker, a blogger, a podcaster, an author, and an Amazon bestseller. I’ve experience of over ten years in Marketing. I’m a passionate, cross-functional, creative, and result-driven Marketer from France, mainly specializing in Content Marketing. 

Having lived on three different continents and worked in 5 various industries, I’ve voluntarily helped numerous brands and trained 100’s of people to rethink their approach and how they do content marketing. Currently working in Easytrip Transport Services, one of the business units of a French Multinational, Egis, in Paris. 

From working in small startups to huge multinationals, I’ve seen brands facing problems with their marketing strategy and business leaders struggling to grow, attract meaningful clients and generate leads. My advice and teachings on content marketing have equipped leaders to embrace a customer-centric perspective and transform their marketing strategy towards providing value to customers according to their needs, problems, and pain points. 

Over the last few years, I’ve mastered my skills in Content Marketing through learning from distinguished marketing gurus and mentors. I’ve implemented and shown my expertise during my career and volunteered to help generate leads and form meaningful connections for many small businesses. 

My skills include Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Copywriting. Email Marketing, Community Building, SEO, SMM, Video Marketing, Blogging, and Podcasting.  

Through content marketing, I’ve helped small businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • Generate leads and sales through search engines and social media platforms across the globe 
  • Build brand awareness and establish meaningful business relationships online 
  • Drive traffic growth and visibility for priority keywords and themes their target audiences search for online.
  • Defend their online brand against the competition in search engines and social media platforms 
  •  Become more proficient with search and social through consistent communication and education on content marketing strategies and tactics utilized 

I’m Currently:

  • A micro-influencer on Content Marketing on LinkedIn 
  • A global keynote speaker on content marketing for conferences 
  • An author of 2 books, including an Amazon Bestseller 
  • Helping small and medium businesses do content marketing efficiently and effectively 
  • Providing advice, tips, and guidance to professionals and students 

More about my books:

Contributing Author and an Amazon BestSeller “The Growth Hacking Book 2” presents 100+ growth hacks tried and tested by the world’s top 100+ experts from 20 countries. 

“The Use of Sensory Marketing and its Impact on Consumer Behavior” brings an innovative aspect and a different perspective to strategic marketing. 

I am very active on Linkedin among the other social media platforms. Anyone can contact me through social media, and I am always willing to answer and help out. People can also find tips and advice through my blog.   

In your opinion, how can a digital marketer keep brands safe and relevant? 

Brands and marketers alike should be thinking less about brand safety as a defensive strategy. Instead, they should be considered an integral part of their marketing plans that can ultimately positively impact their bottom line. Recent policy shifts, such as GDPR and CCPA and the COVID-19 pandemic, have created a ‘new normal’ of digital-first lifestyles for most of the global population. The decision by Google to phase out third-party cookies should not be forgotten either.  

While brands need to plan, they need to be flexible. 

In the marketing world, marketers need to be vigilant to avoid inappropriate behavior as well as inappropriate content 

Constant monitoring and adjustment are required.  

It requires a dedicated resource to ensure your brand appears appropriately online. Great brands show up consistently and meaningfully, support their consumer groups, and keep high-quality company. 

Keeping in touch with the mood and mindset of a brand’s customers is also essential, as is aggressively scaling back marketing. 

In your opinion, how did content marketing evolve in the past few years? 

Many brands were jumping on board with content marketing because it was a buzzword. It has now proven to be highly effective. A series of tests have uncovered which tactics work best. The results can be measured, tracked, and verified. 

This change will make it easier for marketers to understand how content can benefit the company in all departments and how it can be used to maximize ROI. It has evolved into range recruiting, content training, etc. It is also possible to use these successful content marketing strategies in other areas of business. 

Organizations’ perception of marketing has changed the most by far. It’s now evident that content marketing can drive business growth by delivering value (and revenue) separate and apart from the products and services that brands sell. Increasingly, content marketing is moving from a marketing tactic to a marketing model and now to a business model.  

How to reuse content when developing a content strategy? 

With today’s technology, one piece of content can be repurposed into multiple pieces, which reduces the cost, time, and resources needed by marketers and organizations. Today, any piece of content can be repurposed into numerous pieces, reducing the number of pieces, thereby reducing the number of resources marketers and organizations require.  

Create one video to multiple other content assets 

  • Blog posts 
  • Podcasts 
  • Presentations 
  • Testimonials 
  • Social media posts 
  • Small snippets for Twitter 

The list can be endless, so using the appropriate type of content in the suitable medium and format at the right stage of the buyer’s journey or cycle is what marketers and organizations need to focus on.  

How to focus the content on building a relationship with the customer? 

Content offers many benefits, but one of the most valuable in helping you build better relationships with your customers. Content creation isn’t just about relating information about your products and services. You can also demonstrate your personality, establish trust, be helpful, and demonstrate your expertise. Having these qualities will help you engage your audience better. That, in the end, is good for your bottom line. 

  • Provide your audience with high-quality, personalized content. 
  • Rather than selling products, tell stories. 
  • Communication in both directions 
  • Ensure that you are transparent, authentic, and reliable. 
  • Play both the long game and the short game 

What are the best ways/strategies to influence customers on an emotional level? 

What sets you apart from your competitors today is how you make your customers feel. The customer doesn’t remember the sales representative he dealt with or the brochure he received after three months – all he remembers is how he felt during his interaction with the company. Depending on the results, he might continue with the company or switch to the next vendor. The customer experience is becoming increasingly important to a growing number of companies. 

The customer experience is heavily influenced by emotions. Several of the customer’s decisions are influenced by his level of emotional engagement with the company. Different levels of emotional engagement trigger customer behavior, which impacts customer loyalty and retention. 

  • Put yourself in the place of the customers and walk through the entire journey 
  • Establish a regular communication channel with your customers 
  • Your customers will believe that you value them if you show them that you value them 
  • Customer Experience Improvement as a Continuous Process 
  • Put a focus on customer centricity 


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