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Aleksandar Savkovic - WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways

Mr. Savkovic, please introduce yourself to our readers …

I’m a WordPress Developer, Lecturer, the product guy interested in Agile product development.

WordCamp and WP/Woo Meetup meetup speaker and Organizer.

Volunteer at #WCEU 2016 and co-organizer #WCBGD 2016 and 2017, #WCEU and the Community Summit 2017 ” Community Team”, #WCEU 2018 ” Communications ”

The author at,,,

Currently, I’m the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways

In your opinion, how to become more convenient and efficient for today’s retail customer?

It depends on the business. There is no out-of-the-box solution that fits every industry or every vendor. Everyone should look at their own situation objectively. If they are not sure how to do it, it would be helpful to get another pair of eyes, and professional analysis of the market and their growth opportunities.

In your opinion, how can you maximize the efficiency of your e-Commerce campaigns?

Find the people who are looking for your product, in the place they are likely to be. Use targeting and retargeting several times before you quit the campaign. Spend resources on personalizing your ads to your targets, as much as you can. But most of all, know what it is that you are selling and who is willing to buy it.

Do you think that by implementing personalization strategies you could create a seamless customer experience?

I believe so. It’s easier to sell something to a person when you know that they have a history of buying similar things. If they bought a printer from you, targeting them with a customized email campaign for cartridges and toners on sale, for the printer they have, is a smart thing to do. Targeting them with every campaign you do is more likely to lead to frustration on both sides, and ultimately will cost you more.

How can someone keep customers as repeat buyers?

Emotions and connections prevent people from shopping around and keep them coming back to the same service providers and vendors. The most top-notch service represented by an unpleasant person is a surefire way to never see your customers again.

In your opinion, what are the main trends, which will shape e-Commerce in the future?

Humanizing the process and emphasizing human contact. I don’t think everyone will or can do it but the ones who do it will definitely come out on top as the winners of the new wave of e-Commerce consumption. Consumers are becoming more educated about their shopping habits and the impact they are making in the world, with every purchase they make. They will surely start supporting e-Commerce humanization, as they have started supporting green and/or family-run businesses.

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