British fintech platform Bilderlings launches online onboarding for individuals

British fintech platform Bilderlings has unveiled completely remote online onboarding for individuals. This means that users can register, submit documents and have a current account up and running within minutes.

What does onboarding mean?

Onboarding refers to the actions you take on your way to receiving a service. To open a Bilderlings account and make use of the fintech platform’s other advantages, you should sign up, submit the necessary documents, and access the system. The entire journey is now much simpler, faster and more convenient than ever before.

What advantages does online onboarding provide?

  • Immediate system access upon registration. This is a demo version of your current account – familiarise yourself with the interface before an account is opened.
  • In demo access mode, you can already start receiving internal payments.
  • The main advantage of online onboarding is the speed with which your account is opened. If there are no issues with your documents, we will automatically grant account access in just a few minutes.

What affects the time it takes to open an account?

Here are a few suggestions to speed up your account opening process:

1) It is better to take a photo than to scan a document. Scanned images unfortunately often happen to be in poor quality, which means we will have to ask you to resubmit the affected document.

2) Identical spelling of your name and surname in each document. Your personal data should be spelled out in Latin script and perfectly match the spelling indicated in your passport.

3) The address on your utility bill should correspond to the address of your place of residence, and the personal data in the invoice should match the spelling on your identity document (passport or ID card).

If all data have been provided without issue, you will be able to use the current account within minutes! If you have not been granted account access immediately, don’t worry – some information just needs to be double-checked. We will set up your account within 1-2 days.

What about online onboarding for legal entities?

This will also be available soon. Businesses do require more documents than individuals, so we want to take time and get our automatic onboarding implementation right. We hope to launch it in several months.

Bilderlings is a British fintech providing financial services since 2015. A current account with Bilderlings is available to individuals and legal entities. With a dedicated IBAN it enables GBP, EUR and USD transfers to 150+ countries, supporting SWIFT, SEPA, FPS and Chaps, currency exchange, Mastercard, and you will have a dedicated manager assigned to your account.

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Bilderlings is a British fintech platform that has been providing financial services since 2015.

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