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Shivashankar B

Speaker at European Digital Innovation & Start-Up Summit

Chief Executive at SJCE-STEP, India

Shiva is Highly entrusted, result driven and knowledgeable professional, over 19 years of industry experience – studded with professional wisdom, in setting and driving new operational excellence, successful execution of Business, Engineering and management plans through strategies, significantly contributing in enhancement of the revenue and productivity of the organisation.

An experienced engineering professional groomed with global companies like Rolls-Royce, GE Pratt & Whitney, UTC, AVIO, GTRE, ISRO, DOOSAN and developed rich experience in Engineering and Management. A wide range of experience at QuEST Global under different leaderships and at different geographical location

He believes every risk is worth taken then regretting it for not doing it. You miss 100% shots you don’t take.

He travelled across the UK and many European countries on business and got rich exposure to diversified business. Lived in the UK for many years and got leadership, engineering and manufacturing, supply chain, experience at Rolls-Royce, UK.

Presently he is Chief Executive SJCE-STEP, business and management consultant, member of advisory board for few companies. An entrepreneur and independent director

Entrepreneurship, Mentoring and coaching new innovative projects and businesses is his area of interest

Shiva is currently heading the Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering – Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park (SJCE-STEP) as a Chief Executive, which was established in 1985 at JSS Technical Institutions Campus, Mysuru, Karnataka with the support of DST, Govt. of India, Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka and Industrial Development Bank of India. Focusing on Information and Technology domains to support and develop cutting edge products or services in STEP incubator. Over 3 decades of its existence, STEP has evolved methodologies to identify & groom Entrepreneurs and has also promoted more than 150 entrepreneurs over the years, 1000 trainings. SJCE-STEP has Catalysing and PROMOTING ENTREPRENEURSHIP across the ICT, Electronics, Food and Manufacturing domains.



  • Technical Trainings, awareness and industry impact
  • Mentorship Programs for Mid-Career and Students
  • Business/Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Career Strategy – The Road ahead and your plans
  • Engineering in Rural Enterprise – Horizon Exploring
  • Management and Operational Excellence

TRAITS: People-oriented | Customer focus & Collaboration | Initiative and commitment | Attention for details | Problem Solving | Ethical & values driven | Strong teamwork | Multi culture experience.

Vivid trekker | Traveller| Loves adventures| Books | Cricketer, Played for Derbyshire County Clubs | Nature |Organizing events | Road trips.

Session: Business Insights – A must for every business to survive, compete and grow

Know your Business Insights to make informed decision for your business to improve, sustain and scale

Today business and enterprises are facing unprecedented competition and challenges at levels of the business engagement. Continuous Decision making and day to day basis become paramount for every business at every level of organisation seamlessly and kudos the technology which is enabling that opportunity for managers, leaders, business owners to make timely decision either automatically through system & process or with better status help to position themselves strategically. However most of the enterprises are failing as they are not embracing the technology in their business and still depending on traditional ways and also not having metrics to measure about their business progress in real time. keeping even simple business metrics will help them in the long way and slowly adapting to the tech will boost their performance. It can retail IT, manufacturing, education, health care ,, you name it today we need analytics and insights built in for decision making.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to adopt simple technology for business insights through analytics.
  • Why it is required for them to invest and embrace technology.
  • How important it is to speed up the declension making process.

Additional information and European Digital Innovation & Start-Up Summit programme – here

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