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Alex Axelrod

Speaker at International Conference on Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies

CEO and Founder at Aximetria GmbH, Switzerland

Alex Axelrod, CEO and Founder of Aximetria and Pay Reverse, is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade’s experience in leading, world-class technological roles within a large, No.1 national mobile operator and leading financial organizations. Prior to these roles, he was the Director of Big Data at the R&D Center of JSFC AFK Systems. Here, Alex developed mechanisms of data exchange and monetization between the group’s subsidiaries. In addition, he led an R&D group focused on the development of new next-gen technologies, such as geo-targeted advertising and subscriber solvency scoring, based on customers’ active use of communication services and services to counter fraud in remote banking channels. He also led the technical audit of startups, including several acquisitions and played a pivotal role in setting up a branch in India focused on the monetization of telecom data of the group’s subsidiary. Prior to JSFC AFK Systems, Alex Axelrod worked for MTS (Mobile TeleSystems – the largest telecom provider in Russia with over 102.4 million subscribers) where he headed the antifraud and cybersecurity systems development – crucial factors for any organization in today’s hyper-connected world. He also initiated the development of heavy-load analytical solutions to work with and manage the subscriber base and set up Big Data technology expertise. Axelrod developed systems for collection and analysis of data traffic, geolocation, data transmission quality, all of which also aided the company’s core marketing activities to promote and deliver better products, services and prices to customers.

Session: The ecosystem of the modern-day world of finance.

At first glance, the world of traditional financial institutions and the universe of cryptocurrencies operate independently of each other. Traditional financial institutions deal with fiat money, while cryptocurrencies have with their own exchanges, wallets and payment services.

In reality, the fundamental systems of fiat and crypto have long been firmly intertwined with one another, and are inexorably moving forward to become one.

We will discuss what’s most interesting in finance today:

  • How is the world of fiat and the crypto universe connected?
  • What problems arise at the intersection of the two worlds? How does the new generation of players solve these problems?
  • What are the opportunities to optimize the connection of fiat and crypto?
  • How will the global financial ecosystem evolve?

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how traditional financial institutions intersect with crypto services
  • Learn how various players of the finance world solve problems arising from the intersection of the traditional finance world and crypto
  • Learn in which direction the crypto ecosystem is evolving
  • Learn how to profit from all the changes!

Additional information and International Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies Conference programme – here

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