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Ibrahim Inusa

Speaker at International Conference on Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain developer, India

Born on 15/06/1995 in borno state Nigeria named ibrahim i went to moddibo adam university of technology yola to enroll in information technology branch, after i finish my primary school and secondary school and after my graduation i went to India to further my education by enrolling in bachelor of technology ,information technology branch ,with curiosity of learning technical skills along my universities study i special in some field out of my school curriculum such as block graphic design, digital ,marketing , and deep learning also interacting with people of different culture and background begin where I become a professional fashion designer at age of 19. I devote many time in research papers on various issues and problem solving technically and socially, locally and internationally

Session: Counterfeits detection using blockchain

The content will explore the potential ability of blockchain for being able to solve the contemporary counterfeit product in markets especially in Africa where allot of counter product are flowing massively ,the content demonstrate also the weakness of barcode and other system of counterfeit detection and present the solution that blockchain can offer with both technical and general term.

Learning outcomes:

  • The content will give an statup ideas
  • It will offer the abilities of blockchain with regards to detection from developers
  • It will open a door for more research and tips to innovation
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