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Andrey Pavlenko

Speaker at International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

CEO at Scallium, Ukraine

Andrey Pavlenko has 15 years of experience in developing software products.

He lived in the USA, where he worked with a team to develop a process management tool, which Amazon later bought. Also, at one point in his life, Andrii consulted software companies on becoming more effective, working together with one of the Scrum co-founders Jeff McKenna.

Having applied the accumulated experience and knowledge, Andrii helped companies in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, and other countries to build enterprise processes and develop Agile culture. Since 2017, Andrii has been developing his own projects. He is co-founder and CEO at Scallium platform.

After that, Andrey successfully applies the accumulated experience and knowledge, helping companies, such as Amadeus, Zfort, Sixt, Netvertis, and others, in building the enterprise and Agile processes.

Since 2017, he has been developing inside Hubber a separate product for big enterprise customers – Scallium platform.

Session: How to build the right platform for e-commerce processes scaling

Marketplaces offer their customers an exhaustive assortment that meets their personal requirements and FAST-scaling e-commerce projects in a short time.

What are the advantages of a marketplace?

The speed of adding new products.

Monitoring the work of third-party sellers in the market.

An assortment for any customer needs.

Big amount of data for AI and Machine Learning.

The problem of the market of marketplaces is the almost complete absence of complex solutions, which entails additional problems with the integration and synchronization of various services and additional financial costs to support the entire infrastructure.

The right solution is compound and has a modular structure, where each module covers an entire business area.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how the back office of the marketplace is arranged.
  • Know what are the mandatory 6 modules that development for the marketplace includes.
  • Determine what is more important for the marketplace: development or operational part.
  • Be able to ask any question about the development for e-commerce.

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