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Aleksandar Savkovic

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Project Manager at Perfectfit Space, Serbia

WordPress Developer, Lecturer, the product guy interested in Agile product development.

WordCamp and WP/Woo Meetup meetup speaker and Organizer.

Volunteer at #WCEU 2016 and co-organizer #WCBGD 2016 and 2017, #WCEU and the Community Summit 2017 ” Community Team”, #WCEU 2018 ” Communications ”

The author at,,,

CEO and Founder at Perfect Fit Space

Formula 1 and Moto GP Freak


WordPress, Web Development, Design, Lecturing

WordPress Origin Story

Google helped me to understand that WordPress is the next big thing in my life.

So I reconsidered my profession and from the construction site supervisor, I became a Web ” WordPress” developer at the age of 34.

I believe that BIO should be seen as an ongoing process.

Rather than a static snapshot, whereby we are perpetually re-framing, re-thinking and re-considering ourselves.

In December 2019 I finally decided to start my own business Perfect Fit Space. Great websites at affordable prices.

Session: 3 Pillars of the company culture


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